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Felt all that was within, the dread and lonely pain
Fore seeing all the grey clouds, and endless rain
In an entrapment of her bleak, bedroom place
Many scratches of finger nails, adorned her face

Seems so everyday, that I turn my TV on of late
Such as it is we live in a world, that can’t tolerate
Another victim, and a cause of nothing but hate
Mother cries as her husband is missing, to his fate

I always seem to be, the enemy of your heart
No matter what I say, I seem to tear you apart
Forever on the wrong side, of this infinite fence
If spoke from heart, would you still take offence?

Enough has been said, so I know where I stand
So much of this has gone to hell, so lend me a hand
Pass me a twenty and leave me to be sad and lonely
Into a glass my tears will fall, as the serum shall see

Tense and unheard, as something grips within
Power that is of the possessed, I call upon sin
To conjure the cruelties within me, to destroy
Tears flow as the blood swells my heart, to ploy

Awoken in the blackness, and the stink of putrescence
I remember absolutely nothing, I am the only presence
So dark and I am blind, to my slimy surrounds so tight
I can barely move, within this confined space of night

Screams of all the dispossessed echoing through walls of steel
Forgotten void in the blackness hidden from the eyes that feel
Witnessed not by any sense of morality in the brutality here
Beaten, raped and scarred in the boundaries of psychotic fear

Befallen was her demise, as of a warrior’s maiden
That such loneliness befell, this princess’s burden

Spinning me around again and I am falling away
Just how many faces do I make within the day?
I am now here just for all of you people to see
Seems like today as yet another begotten plea

Treading the shadows, where the little beasts play
Events sealed when, herewith, ending of the day
Here is my place of wonder, darkness consulates
Don’t look here for Christianity, as hope hibernates

I know, that you can feel my breath
That sinister touch, of loving death
That wisp of your hair, in fingertips
A touch of me, tasted upon your lips

As the politicians’ squabble the beggar man receives no coin
But reserve oneself the best cut of some rarest choicest loin
As many starve within the pool of tears so now hurriedly shed
Please sir spare the universe so one may hear their voices led


A mind that cannot be silent, fused between emotions
Of a heart that cannot ever be still without devotions
From the pieces so far collected, of myself obliterated
By the selfish act of another who left me so devastated

I can’t take these feelings anymore inside
So much I want to say yet I have to hide
Seems the ones I love have an answer to hate
And deny any chance for me to congregate

A sinister presence as a shadow moves to the left
Something is hunting him and a plan to leave bereft
Of what is his demise for the crime of years passed
A seed he so forced into her; a child so unsurpassed


Mind draws my thoughts to a persistent emotion
A time in a place not so long gone in augmentation
That still plays the chords to encourage my tears
And in this constant re-elevation of all my fears

Placed now to the floor I taste the coldness of cement
Such the screaming inside that somehow to augment
The violent fantasies flowing through many thoughts
Wishing this emotion sentenced in such unfair courts

I don’t know what kills me more
To keep the wound open and sore
I don’t what you’re now playing at
Always at me or on the attack

Entrapment state, between the dark and consciousness
Somehow lodged, from the sleep to the awareness
Head is pounding to be asleep, as I cannot stop thinking
Eyes closed in a steeped action, of turning and writhing

Awoke under a black sky, a taste of smoke in my mouth
Bodies rotting, fires burned from the north to the south
The survived upon impalements, still writhing in agony
Demons and monsters, tearing flesh from their anatomy

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I am 30 yrs old if u do the math and Iv been writing professionaly for the last 2 years. In that time I have written some 380 odd works. My poetry is not a soft touch of liking one to the summers day, its raw, exciting, brutal and hard hitting. I don't believe in beating about the bush. You can also find me at You will also find me at http: //

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A Gothic Suicide

Felt all that was within, the dread and lonely pain
Fore seeing all the grey clouds, and endless rain
In an entrapment of her bleak, bedroom place
Many scratches of finger nails, adorned her face

Scars of the tormented, and that without release
Collected them like dolls, upon skin like a crease
Sunken eyes reflecting, the soul of a sunken heart
When futures hope seem diminished, and torn apart

Black lines of her heavy make up, drawn down
By so many tears, shed beneath her failed crown
Clasping her wrist, another attempt failed and stings
The music of her emotion, now in her ear doth rings

Though destinies sands, of her future are running out
Upon her lips adorn the kiss, of this deathly spout
That a dagger drawn from a box, of marble and wood
In her bedroom undetermined, to whether she should

The bare trees of autumn, tapping the dark window
Though to convince her, of an alternative innuendo
So much has she lost, that her black nails are tight
Around the handle of this blade, and loosing sight

That with one last breath, stolen by her searing pain
Of final thrust, that this blade pierced without a strain
Into her solemn heart, choking her grief as her blood
Ran like tears, down her breasts, staining like mud

Dropping to the floor, like a seed of the dandelion
Falls upon the winds end, but only to see oblivion
So much of her last thoughts, as her life ebbs away
Never shall she see, the beginning of a new born day

As the time for her life, has slowly begun to stop
From the blades handle, blood spills dropp by drop
Silent now, as her body lays still, grey as the sky
Young was her soul, victimised, too young to die

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