Squizzle Jellyfish

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Night - Poem by Squizzle Jellyfish

It calls tantalizingly,
Oh so sweetly,
With its dark, tempting smells.
That come from... where?
Starry blindfold.

A pitch black sheet,
Dropped over the world -

Until day arrives
To break the spell.
Here it fails,
And night triumphs
Over all else.

A world nearly as blind as those inhabiting it,
As bleak as the creatures who stalk it,
As unspeakable as few of those creatures.

Nightmares of mankind,
Born from the heart, mind, and soul.
Placed here to tantalize...
& terrify.
Piercing eyes and teeth of steel,
Infinite strength, speed, and skill.
Think you have a chance?
No one does.

So go back inside,
Lock your doors and cover the windows.
Do whatever is necessary
To make you feel safer.
Don't forget to maintain that denial,
Because surely you know that
Will work.

Lives are petty,
Resistance is futile, and
It won't be long now.
A door comes down,
Don't turn around.
Fate befalls.
It's almost over now.

With barely a struggle,
The predator earns his prey.

A throat slashed,
A fountain of blood;
It kneels to lap up
Life it had once possessed,
But cannot retain.
Not a dropp wasted.
Beautiful, forever.

Content for now, it turns
& steps back into the darkness
From which it had come.

Life still dripping,
Forever dripping,
From the distended fangs.
It wishes from something.

Someth ing besides
An eternity
Spent in a masquerade from hell.

It forces these thoughts
Back into its subconscious
And begins the search
For its next victim: sweet, tempting, &
In the violent, unforgiving sheet of night.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poem Edited: Sunday, November 21, 2010

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