Night By Night Poem by Bing Der

Night By Night

Night by night, and barrack by barrack,
They sit and weep and cry,
Wondering when their time will come,
And when they'll finally die.

The lyrics of the dead,
The sad songs of the ghost,
Lovely words and lovely sounds,
All eventually lost.

Deep beneath the ash and rain,
They stand until they fall,
Dirt and grime up to their knees,
As life is just a brawl.

A silent boy sprints and runs,
Hiding from the beast.
It stalks him down and hunts him down,
Hungry for a feast.

An ill woman feels the cold,
As she rests her shaven head,
Her breathing's slow and very low
And now she's good as dead.

A thousand innocent souls,
Are locked inside a room.
An invisible death is very near,
And sends them to their doom.

The children cry, the children scream,
Knowing very much,
That the monsters going after them,
Can kill them with a touch.

Thousands dead and thousands hurt,
Rid of all their pride,
They sing their songs of misery,
As everyone has died.

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