Rookie (las vegas)


Why is my mind playing so many tricks
Why does my heart ache like it is getting pricked
Ever time my heart gets broke it always leads me to the same person that’s always near
Maybe I knew it and did not care
Now I realize I cant let him disappear
I don’t want a heart ache again
But I fallen so deep for him
I hope he wont break my heart like every other guy
So how do I know if this is truely where I want to lie
You are always on my mind
But what does that mean
I swear I love someone else
But could it actually be
My mind is putting on a play
But what does my heart have to say
Theres a roller coaster in my heart full of love
But it says you’re my angel sent from above
The night I kissed you I knew I entered a fight
But when you kissed me back I learned we enter together
When you hold me I'm shelter from heartache and pain
Before I met you my heart wasn’t like this
Now you say I’ve become an angel just from one kiss

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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