****wishing He Would Stop The Pain He Is Causing Me ****

I'm tired and sick off there games, how can I be so stupid
they swear they love you
they swear your the only one
but is any off this really true
if I remember correctly I was the one who got hurt
y do they twist it into a huge war
sometimes can't get it out of your mind cuz, it so contagious
but you better believe guys make you go outrages

he gets mad cuz you see her getting his love when he is your
he get mad cuz you really do care
he gets mind and it beyond me
but when he gets mad it not your fault
if he says it is don't believe

you know it bad when you have to force a smile
he'll never know what is going on all the while
what he doesn't see is the tears
what he could see is what you fear
you let him in and now he gone
you can; t help but wonder what went wrong.

He sit by you every now and again
you just sit there staring wonder
wondering if he loved you
with that sweet smell surrounding every inch by you
you can't help but to stay in love with him.

Sometime you hit him so he'll hit u back
one thing he see is what you really lack
you don't do it for the pain like u state
when you just want to feel his touch again.
He make it hard to do any thing even contemplate

he just walks by like theres no past
so many time I wonder if we were meant to last
he'll say you are friends but he doesn't know the torture that is to you
one day you hope to have him again
when in all actuality you didn't have him to begin

you think of his family and how his mother hates you
the days seem long and night never end
but in reality for a tango doesn't it take two
you sit in pain wondering what to do
when you see her come so close to him
sometime it seems he can see through you
you want to know if he really ever wanted you to be

you may find it hard living with his good bye
or even not understand why he can move on with life
it seem he has no feeling
it seems he hate you
maybe that is true

he may run through you head but don't let him see
he'll tell you every lie
you may think I am crazy but I been hurt to much in life
he promise happiness and you may dream of it
but does he really stay with you
he not like us there is an emotionless side

does he really remember the rise or just the fall
you let him see to much it will only break you heart.
Some days you may find it hard to keep him away
you may even want him forever to stay
sometime the stories don't fit
you really don't care
but who's heart is on the line out there

they can be jerk
they can be stupid
they can call you names
they can leave you
they can tare you part
the can make you cry
they can make bad choice
they can make it seem as if you're not smart
they can do so many thing that makes you tired
most of all they really hurt you

he lies
he cheat
he get you all tongue tied
he make you want more
he does so many different thing
but he doesn't see why it hard not to be with him
he doesn't see how badly he hurt you
does he see what you really want him to see

you may leave little hint but he blows them off
he seem to love the chase
but the second he had you it all went wrong
sometime you may feel you want to end the pain
but he can't be like this for too long can he

he may be cute
he may have a great personality
he may be a good kisser
he may be a lot of thing
but apparently he ain't for you.

It may take years for him to leave
but sometime he doesn't even know why he does it
he think it easy to forget it
he thinks it's better to die then for him to care
he may know you secrets
you may want him to hurt like you do
but he never will
don't ask why it ain't so fair

he may help put a bottle in you hand
he may help cause blood on the floor
you may do it your self but his love is deadly
you don't want the pain
you don't want the ache
then why did you surrender in the first place
why did you give your heart away for him to tare it in two

at first it all good till you see him more deeply
when you shatter no one can fully ever put you back together
no body can make it better
the whole of blackness and sorrow will never fill in
it so shallow and it hurt
you may be willing to give up a lot for him
he just take your trust and collects it while torturing you to remember what you miss
hold could he leave with it when he caused you this pain
would he change a thing

you thought it would be different but no one can bring you back
it hard to escape how he make you feel
you're scared of the feeling for him since he doesn't see you the same
you wonder why he had to be so lame.

so many thing he doesn't see that you wish he did
so many times you just want a hug
so many times you lied just to feel his warmth
so many long night
so many times you want to hold him
so many choice to live with
so many reason to still love him while you hate him
<3****wishing he would stop the pain he is causing me ****: (

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Comments about ****wishing He Would Stop The Pain He Is Causing Me **** by AURORA BANNECKJ

  • Jynx Nobody (1/9/2012 8:20:00 PM)

    You may not think it Aurora and Cordelia but deep down he will always love you no matter what you think

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  • Nathan Barkley (6/18/2010 6:45:00 AM)

    Wow very impressive i could feel the pain and the sorrow from start to finish. man it was great i felt so many feelings at once. Regret, hate, love and many more it was good. Keep it up.

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  • Christopher Lee (6/17/2010 4:53:00 AM)

    there was a rich man

    could not find peace

    carried all his wealth in a bag as gold and precious stones and reached a saint

    told the saint that he could not fine peace in the world

    the saint did not listen

    he just opened the bag and after seeing the valuables started running with the bag

    seeing this the rich man chased him like anything

    finally the saint reached the same tree

    rich man also reached

    then the saint handed over the bag to him back

    the rich man felt very happy

    now the saint declared ' the bag with valuables was there sometime back also; that time you did not feel happy

    now same bag is with you; you feel happy;

    so happiness is not inside the bag....its inside you


    pain and pleasure are mind made...have a happy mind....well written

    try to choose subtler subjects to write poem..

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  • Josh Schultz (6/17/2010 2:17:00 AM)

    I agree completely with Adam reed... I did really enjoy reading this poem it was a good poem rom start to finish, keep on writing

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  • Denise Bekker ~* The Sound *~ (6/16/2010 9:01:00 AM)

    Poem full of expression born out of emotional turmoil. Bold write. Well done! ; D

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  • Tina Anderson (6/10/2010 1:11:00 PM)

    i love this so much. its very strong. lots of feeling. keep up the great work :)

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  • Adam ReedAdam Reed (6/10/2010 12:45:00 PM)

    daaaannng you reallh i could say let loose with that one. nice guys feel the same way about girls. you need to find a nice guy :) . oh yeah and this was an excellent poem. i can feel the inner conflict of hate and love. nice one!

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