Justin Clint

No Care For A Stuff Bear - Poem by Justin Clint

Disposable, I've become garbage toss, and kicked aside. You have stranded me. Placed, in darkness, setting here, clueless . Eternal sadness that I shale be. Your actions, paralyzing my ability to think, last time I felt affection only to remember nothing . Now dark and alone over and again as I stay unmoved nor bent. My screws and nuts become stiff as cement while coming to terms, this may be the way i'll stay. My tears from years past on and dry with rust along my skin. Solitude for real as I gaze into light, a crack left open just enough, keeps me hope. You just close the door and ignore me forever, why should I even care, my feelings are all that I wanted to share....so if able, if maybe you might hear of the whispers spoken softly, my voice weakly mum-ball's out, towards your ear, as I exhale, 'were could you possibly be'., I'm just an old stuff animal full of holes and ripped stitching's barring me inside out lost with in as lost with out .Dry and dehydrated, lips of mine, cracked, shafted inner mouth ulcers, discomfort, seems it will never heal, the way I feel.Dust covered, blinding eyes made of two different sized buttons, one orange, left side grey, both poorly sown, dangling with pain. Cobb web's string about, attached to me, head too toe, home too several incognito arachnid neighbor's, up under right shoulder and tunneled with in belly button, tickling me, they do at times, only thing around to shake away insanity, lurking inside this hallow skull, my mind. Right shoe sets loose upon the sagging sock, scrunched down ankle bound untied lace left unattended. No knots or loops, they have been forgotten. Opposite side bare footed and cold, numb with pale shading blue, I haven't worn sock, nor sneaker in ages, I assume, i'll never again neither nor understand my abandonment from you.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 11, 2013

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