Erica Marie Martel

Rookie (March 7th,1994 / New Hampshire)

No Matter What - Poem by Erica Marie Martel

No matter what i do i can't forget you,
No matter what i do i can't stop thinking about you
No matter what i do i can't stop liking you,
I have tried my hardset to forget your blue eyes,
I i've tried my hardest to forget about your brown hair,
I have tried my hardest to forget your sweet smile,
I have tried my hardest to stop liking you,
But every time I see you I feel that tug on my heart,
Every time you look at me I feel a spark of hope,
Every time we meet eyes I lose my breath,
Every time we talk I feel like I'm on cloud nine,
But then I remember what you said,
I remember that you don't want to date anyone,
I remember how many times I have given you notes,
How many times my friends have tried to talk to you about me,
How many times i have felt my heart fall when they tell me,
That you don't like me and to give it up,
But i wont give up,
I keep coming back,
I don't know why i do,
I can't explain it but i feel like a string connects us,
I never want that string to break,
It's the only thing keeping me from breaking,
Day after day I keep coming back,
Knowing that you wont change your mind,
But inside of me there is still a spark of hope,
A hope that you will change your mind,
But even if you do change your mind,
I probley wont be the one to change it,
Most of the gilrs like you,
But most of them just like you becuase of how you look,
With your brown hair and blue eyes I'm not suprised,
But that's not why i like you
I think maybe that's why you won't date
Because you think they all like you for those reasons,
I wish you would let me prove that not all girls are like that,
For all I care about looks you could be ugly, or buck teethed,
Because i don't care what's on the outside,
What I like about you is on the inside,
What I like about you is what most people don't see,
I like your personality,
I like how you can pick up an instrument and make the music beautiful,
I like the you that you hide on the inside,
I like you for you,
So no matter what I do I can't forget you,
No matter what I do i can't thinking about you,
No matter what I do I can't stop liking you,
But that's okay,
Because no matter what I'm going to keep trying,
Because I think I'm falling in love with you

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 8, 2010

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