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No One Cares

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No one cares for me,
but no one can see...
I hate my stupid life,
I wanna stab my self with a knife...
death is the only way to solve this prob,
my sis she is gna go nd dob.
killing my self i scream,
as i fall in a realy deep dream!

Rich Smith 13 April 2012

Mrs. Harris. I would love to be able to share my story about your daughter and how I found her today. Will you please contact me at rs3323@hotmail.com so that you and I can tell it to you? I am a motivational speaker that helps women out of these kinds of situations.

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Rich Smith 13 April 2012

Mrs. Harris please contact me about your daughter Amanda. rs3323@hotmail.com. I am a motivational speaker that travels the world helping women just like your daughter. I would love to share my story of how I found you and her!

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June Harris 10 September 2006

My daughter, Amanda Harris, died October 30,2005 at the age of 23. This poem and other poems I have found online sound like they were written by her. That is what I am trying to find out. Is the Amanda that wrote these poems still alive? If you are and this poem was not written by my daughter, I would really like to know. You must be her doppleganger. Her grieving mother, June

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Shelia Williams 01 September 2005

Very depressing. If no one else cares God cares for you and he loves you.

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