Paritosh Dhawan

No-One's Up There - Poem by Paritosh Dhawan

Everybody says we should fear the all mighty
but has anyone ever wondered who is this thee
found in many forms on this earth
we have been told about them since our birth
So called the creator, the preserver of the living
Nobody has ever found them they are missing
people say if we work hard for something they will give it to us in a bless
they never understood if they can work for it they can get it themselves
People say that the lord will show us the right way
But i don't believe in the one for which they pray
I don't think its right to worship something which doesn't exist
But we're all forbidden to say that we're atheists
we have been told that one day we have to pay for our deeds
But what about them who cant even pay for their basic needs
What about those who're living in conditions worse than the dead
What about those poor unfortunate people about whom we have always read
Still they bow their heads thinking you'll help them some day
they live in a hope that you're watching them from the skies and listening to the prayers they say
They run on the streets, first to face every disaster & fall in the wrong path to survive
Believing that they will change on the day when you'll arrive
We don't need to depend on you, we live a life which is good
We have made something out of ourselves as much as we could
But you dint give those people the chance to raise their voice
they are the one whose prayers are termed as noise
i'll start believing in you when yo'll listen to their prayers
Till that day we'll think that no-one's up there! ! ! !

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