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Nostradamus - Poem by Wayne Falconer

Nostradamus cast dire warnings upon mankind
prophesies to wake the deaf dull and blind
with visions to blast open the minds pathway
to mankind in the universal dice cards play.

Nostradamus predicted Charles the first
dethroned after his power keg burst.
The English parliament seized his throne.
The seeds of his death were sown.

Nostradamus described London town burning
while the cosmic looking glass kept turning
saw the black plague final curtain fall
causing cities death behind the wall.

Nostradamus foretold Napoleon's meteoric rise
creating war under European blue skies
saw the French army abandoned in retreat.
The Russian winter caused his defeat.

Nostradamus envisioned Franco's harsh dictatorship
fascist Spain under cruel thin whip.
He saw the English kings fall from grace.
Slave to American divorcee in black lace.

Nostradamus revealed Hitler's blind hungry rage
his nation cast like actors upon the stage
saw the flames of evil rising up high
beneath once civilized ancient European sky.

Nostradamus showed the common market day.
England and France in business play
although mostly he cast the shadows of gloom
death and destruction evil and mans doom.

Nostradamus predicted the Kennedys fall
saw the New York twin towers standing tall
wrote how in the universal cosmic game.
The cards we play we live to just rearrange.

Nostradamus wrote in four line defining verse
heaven knows if his visions were divine or curse.
I wonder did he see through the devil's eye
or see the Godhead within the pure blue far sky.

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