Not My Will, But Allah's Will Poem by Ghazala Lari

Not My Will, But Allah's Will

In a world where power lies in Allah's hands

No use in grasping what's beyond our command

For all that's meant to be will come to pass

No force on earth can alter fate's steadfast grasp

No sense in chanting words of darkness, deceit

For Allah's listening, every whisper, every beat

Wasting time on futile, empty things

When destiny's design already sings

No point in mourning what's forever gone

The past is sealed, a chapter done

No magic to conjure back what's gone

Lost souls remain in realms unknown

No need to harm, to curse, to hate

For Allah's protection is ever great

The meek and humble under His watchful gaze

Shielded from harm in countless ways

No use in reopening sealed doors

What's closed by Allah remains forevermore

No force on earth can break those chains

That bind what's meant to stay the same

No point in trying to mend what's torn apart

Love once shattered can't restart

Blessings ignored, now lost in time

No effort can revive what's in decline

No need to hinder the good that's sent your way

Tailored blessings for each individual's play

Accept what's destined, embrace the flow

Let go of control, let Allah's plan unfold

No use in wasting time and energy

On fruitless pursuits, devoid of synergy

Focus on positive, on dreams and desires

Embrace the journey, let your spirit inspire

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