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Now Is The Time…. - Poem by John Estipona

Corruption is just a product of no love or lack of ' Love' for the country One had committed his corruption with, because no one will ever think of robbing his own.

Even for those who wants to commit corruption, if he recognizes the country as his own and has the love & compassion towards that country, he won't do so on his own!

However, if Love makes one strive “Beware of Laziness” for it may narrow down ones “Love” into “Selfishness” that may leads to compromises and became prone to “Corruption”.

Now is the time….

To plant the seed of life and the planting starts at home where true teaching really begins…

To mold a person and build up a new generation of Politician that will in time be in place to lead the country we hope for…

As man does not live by bread alone, feelings does not dictates faith...., I am a sinner too, I cannot be made holy but it is God’s mercy that I seek, , ,

What I feel will not change the fact that Jesus had paid the price for mankind, through faith and not feeling, I confess to him all my sin and accepted this fact.

There is no better way to keep me busy than to meditate and walk the word, No better vitamins and rest than taking the word of God to heart everyday.

With or without the Pork is not the Blame for Corruption….!

Same as with or without Guns is not the issue in so far as crime is concerned, parallels with the fact that…

With or without You or I, will not be the issue in so far as good things will be better done or not….!

Nonetheless it is the Love of ones Country that may resolved and Conquer Corruption….!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, September 20, 2013

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