Samah Khan

Nowhere Is Quite As Warm As Yesterday - Poem by Samah Khan

Nowhere is quite as warm as yesterday
When the old-school films were still live plays
And the actors were in the bloom of their youth-
And you and I were still children, singing summer songs
Watching the bright seasons turn to gray

Nothing is quite as appealing as imagining your face in my hands
Or my hands upon your face- either way, the tingling sensation
Of two warm bodies pressed close together when the world is at its winter-
You and I were much younger then, more carefree, less afraid
But who but the Creator can dictate time and its shifting sands?

No one is quite as beautiful to me in every way as you were -
But we were so naïve to think that love is unconditional and can bear
The plundering wreckage of adult flaws, of distrust and suspicion
Of changing tides and withering flowers –
Perhaps if not in age, but in sentiment and at heart, we have altered much-
But do not fret, dear one, there are some things mere mortals cannot deter

Nowhere is quite as warm or quite as safe as yesterday
Where memories were still actions and actions were still amendable –
There are a great many things I could’ve said or done to make you stay
And maybe tonight the coldness would’ve ceased and I would’ve slept
In a warm bed, with warmth in my chest and warmth in my fingers
Where they lightly grasped yours till the break of day

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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