Erica Brett

O Add Me To The Link

Poem by Erica Brett

Strike metal, Hammer,
Forge tink tink think.
Choose a path
From clink clink chink.
Ch*nk! My goodness!
Not a word to be heard!
The public's well-being
Must be preserved!

So clinks and tinks
Are doomed to be
The blame that Nature
Has put on thee.
For We the People
Of democracy,
Of freedom and justice
And liberty,
The perfect soul,
The epitome
Of all that is good
And decency –

O We the People
But kick and cry,
Stomp twinkle toes
And thieve on the sly.
We fight wars,
Practice greed,
Impose on each other's
Sacred creed.
Thou shall not kill,
Less Hell be your fate.
So plead separation
Of Church and State.

Knock knock on plastic,
Knock it down to the ground.
Build upon it a shrine
To Artemis' hounds.
For the Huntress is the Moon,
Is the daughter of Night,
Is the sister of Sun,
Of that terrible Light!
She is Purity and Spirit
With the strength of a god,
Power at her fingertips,
Command at her nod.

But not she are we
Who toil to Eternity,
Who believe – oh so foolishly! –
That we, as man, are meant to be free.
We pray to a God
And a mighty Allah
That we will not crumble,
That we will not fall.

So they send us war and strife,
Down upon the Earth.
They give to us a struggling life
From our death to our birth.
And out of that adversity
Arises a greater unity,
And we bind ourselves
To chains of steel
And bury what we
Individually think and feel.

So together we conquer
And stand upright,
But what happened to the freedom
For which we fight?
No matter that!
Think first to survive.
Forget the ideals
For which we strive.

Bound by the chains of unity
Immortal we will stand.
Our collective strength will gather here
As we stand hand in hand.
O Hammer, strike us another link,
And add me to the chain.
I wish no more to ever think,
Nor to ever live again.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, March 2, 2007

Poem Edited: Wednesday, January 26, 2011