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O-U-S - Poem by David J Lindsay

Most of us find life difficult to avoid, in a way that I find quite curious
Choosing the right path to follow at speed, makes some us quite furious
The answers aren't easy, but O-U-S might just be a key
It ain't the answer to life and everything - say “that's 42! ” - I might agree

Well, life has its’ ups and downs, it's fluid, we can hardly say it's viscous
At times it can be troublous, torturous or even border-line pernicious
But bad luck is like owt else, it can dangle all precarious
Then it disappears and with three cheers, life's back to being tremendous

Now, there are folk who make me nervous, to the point of being ulcerous
Whose behaviour to their neighbour is villainous and injurious
Some are vulturous, some are dangerous and others felonious
I find them simply treasonous and traitorous to the rest of us

I'm not sure what to make of those who claim they’re the “Righteous”
And I'm puzzled with the superstitious, and those who say they're sorcerous
The world can be miraculous without being idolatrous, I say
Why not respect each other’s views, get on with life - go for the middle-way

And while I'm on the subject of being good and kind towards our kin
It's worth speaking well of friend or foe, whether it's a 'her' or a 'him'
Avoid the language of a snake, it's malicious and poisonous
And could be turned against you, to leave you vexed and anxious

When it comes to diets, take advice (including this!) with a decent pinch of salt
Some are fictitious, some plain ridiculous and their authors are at fault
Whether you’re carnivorous, herbivorous, or plain insectivorous
Just make sure your plate's not porous, and tuck-in to food delicious

I reckon it's worth trying to learn new stuff and being conscientious
If you're vigorous and willing to be ponderous and studious
Then ping! The “Big Idea” might come all a-glow and luminous
So that with work you grow it ‘til the world thinks you’re a genius

It's fine to be ambitious, if you're not too bumptious or overzealous
And get people on your side, don't try to leave them envious or jealous
Be generous and gracious, not pompous and sanctimonious
Might that be the recipe for a life melodious and harmonious? !

There are those who strive with all their might, to be prosperous and famous
If that is thee, then good for you, it's a drive I find quite marvellous
To those who seek rapturous applause, and those who are industrious
I say well done, but I like a quiet life - this poem was almost left anonymous!

When you look back upon your life, of course I hope you are longevous
Will you remember all you've done and smile and feel just marvellous?
I'm told variety is the spice of life, so I try to keep mine multifarious
Why have it tedious or mundane, when you can make it so stupendous?

To conclude, there are innumerous paths - some hazardous, some gorgeous
Some require us to be quite rigorous, some down-right polymorphous!
But among the lessons we must learn and pick up in our subconscious
Is that we can't get very far in life without O-U-S - it's obvious!

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