GEN Nelson

Observations - Poem by GEN Nelson

To start off in a situation would be too cliché
So I'll write about anything that happens to come my way

There is an orange cat that's on my bed
His mind's at peace in his orange head

There is a fan turned on above my bed
Dropping dust upon my head

There are mirrors surrounding my centered bed
Reflecting my red, greasy head

There are books scattered around my bed
That whisper words inside my head

There is a uke to the right of my green bed
Screaming chords inside my head

There is a keyboard by my bed
"Moonlight Sonata's" now in my head

There might be a bug beneath my bed
I just hope it does not crawl on my head

There is nothing left that comes to my head
Let's move on to another bed…

In the flowerbed there are tomatoes
I don't see them yet but they'll be there
In the flowerbed there're no potatoes
I don't see them because they're not there

In the flowerbed there are cucumbers
The vines are climbing up the fence
In the flowerbed nothing rhymes with cucumbers
Please don't take this as an offense

In the flowerbed garlic grows
Vampires like to keep their distance
In the flowerbed new life flows
Worms like to offer their assistance

In the flowerbed there are no flowers
Oh, isn't that just lovely
In the flowerbed is solar power
Fueling life oh, so subtly

No more flowerbeds to speak of
Let's discuss a new topic
Preferably not decorum
Or flora in any -scopic

It's funny how you say you don't care
And for a moment you really believe
But then you realize you're pulling out your hair

It's funny how you say you don't care
That that's who they are and you shouldn't mind
But then you realize you're pulling out your hair

It's funny how you say you don't care
But it's sad how you really do care
And it's strange how much you still care
Because it won't matter when you've got no more hair

And sometimes mattress springs are aching
So you let yourself dream inside a conscious head
You ponder how the earth would not be quaking
At this time of year in your flowerbed

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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