Joanne Kyger

(19 November 1934)

October 29, Wednesday - Poem by Joanne Kyger

In a crowd of people I am suddenly elevated. No matter that
the crowd follows Ginsberg and Snyder, out on a quick
demonstration march thru the halls of a tall building out
into the gardens, their faces among the trees as little
Chinese sages grained into the wood. White walls, somewhat
Grecian in the fancy takes you. I AM ELEVATING! from a
cross legged position, I rise slowly off the ground in a
crowd of people, easy as can be. ELEVATED! Mr. Ginsberg
and Mr. Snyder frown, not so much? As they are on their busy
way, as groups of people pour their respect and devotion to-
wards them. Pour, pour-they're busy drinking it up all day
in teacups. Do you think we've sent these young ladies and
gentlemen in the right direction? That is to say, haven't
we sent thin in the right direction though.
With my back against a stone wall
in a courtyard, I am closing my eyes and-Now if you will
just observe me, I will move up off the ground, hopefully
as much as a foot, two feet, grind. In my Tibetan bathrobe.

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