Ode To Marie Anne By Harry Riley Poem by David Page- aka Harry Riley

Ode To Marie Anne By Harry Riley

In a cottage by a river
Down a valley deep and wide
Lived the daughter of a killer
From his sins she tried to hide
Mary Anne had kept a diary
Since the day she went away
As she tried to find the reasons
For his actions on that day

In the township people waited...
Flags were flying, Bells were ringing
Happy crowds of people singing
Bands came marching
Trumpets blaring...
Open coach came into view
Could the victims know what struck them?
As the bullets swiftly flew
Would they die in that grim way
Watching people waving, cheering...
Knowiing it was their last day

To a cottage by a river
Down a valley deep and wide
Came a stalker, entered...
Breaking, Smashing, Wrecking!
Found the diary he'd been seeking
Coming home the young girl cried
She had named the guilty killer
In the record as her father

On the green banks of a river
Stood the young girl waiting hither
Soon the stalker came to join her
Both were wading in the water
As it rose to take them down...
Daughter held on to her father
Smiling as he tried to drown her
On that bright and sunny day
Those two bodies washed away
By a valley deep and wide

Lightning flashing! Thunder Crashing...
River rising, Pine trees falling...
Earthquake shaking, cottage breaking
All goes under, bar the swimmer
Choking, gasping, arms outstreching
As she makes her fight for life

Comes the morning, sun is shining
In the valley all's returning
Marie Anne is saved from drowning
By the young man passing by
He has found his life's new meaning
As she thanks him, breath returning...
Marie Anne, the killer's daughter
Starts a new life, full of laughter
With her partner, by the river
In a valley deep and wide

This Ode is from my Harry Riley. small book of poetry: Rhyme and a Little Reason
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