Patricia Kelley

Rookie - 36 Points (March 11 1957 / Oklahoma)

Oklahoma People - Poem by Patricia Kelley

I’ve never lost a loved one in an Oklahoma tornado.
But, I do know from experience what it’s like to lose someone that is special.
That lived in Oklahoma.
I’ve walked in the mist with Angels.
They’ve dried my many tears.
Reaching out ministering to my fears,
Angels walked me through the sudden changes.
From summer into winter,
Back into spring!
I never thought I’d sing!
I was lifted by Oklahoma Angels’.
Thank God for Oklahoma People!
I’ve walked in the deepest thickest parts of raw grief.
Where I felt no relief, it was only prayers and my belief.
That got me through my personal suffering.
That allowed me to take my faith farther in discovering.
To a new level of recovering,
I know that life can sometimes get real tough.
And leave you feeling pretty rough.
And make you feel like you were just kicked in the gut.
Where suddenly you choke and can’t breathe.
You’re left grinding your teeth.
Making you weak in the knees,
You’re crying out for some help, please!
Thank God for Oklahoma People!
God’s Oklahoma Angels’.
Not everything in life makes sense.
It can be filled with a lot of nonsense.
Family can get greedy.
And you can suddenly become needy.
This is when you need Oklahoma people.
God’s Oklahoma Angels’.
They seem to understand.
They’re your friends and neighbors all around.
You can hear the sound.
Friends and neighbors praying,
They pray for their hurting friends and neighbors.
It’s the heart of Oklahoma people.
God’s Oklahoma Angels’.
You just call them.
And they’re there.
They instantly know.
You need prayer.
I don’t understand why the young die.
And yet a thief is allowed to live long and lie.
I can’t understand everything that happens in life.
Why there has to be so much strife.
It isn’t always the bad that feels the pain.
That’s left wallowing in the rain.
It can be the sudden loss of a child, son or daughter, or someone’s father or mother.
It can be the sudden loss of a sister or brother.
It can be the loss of someone’s home, business or school.
It can be the fear and loss of a best friend.
It can be when you’re hard hit.
When Life kicks you to the floor,
You hear a knock on the door.
It’s Oklahoma people.
Coming to help you get through life’s worst tragedy,
You find.
They have a strategy.
You suddenly see, you’re not the only one to go through a personal tragedy.
Everything at any time can disappear rapidly.
And erase any sign of existence.
This is when Oklahoma people come around with persistence.
They teach you to never give up.
They’ll walk around with eyes like a hawk looking through rubble.
Until they find that picture.
Mumbling scriptures,
Seeing you as one as God’s perfect creatures.
You’ll soon see that you’re blessed to know Oklahoma people.
God’s Oklahoma Angels’.
People need to know regardless of their losses.
God’s face expands way pass the steeple.
His face and love is in the love of the community people.
Walking through the local community; showing God’s love in the Holy Trinity.
God’s love is in the prayers.
It’s in the working hands of the community.
God sees His children in trouble.
And He doesn’t let His own walk through this dark path alone.
His love is well known.
He sends His love by sending Oklahoma people.
Where God’s love reaches pass the church steeple!
Across devastation and broken hearts with shattered memories,
Oklahoma people share their personal stories of triumph and defeat.
Letting you quickly know you’re not the only one to be knocked off your feet.
Oklahoma people can be so sweet!

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