Rookie (1950 / Lahore, Pakistan)

On Hindsight - Poem by NAYYAR SHABBIR AHMAD

No one believes: in that well worn saying
It'll be all right on the night

Mention the five rings
or that the Olympics are coming to London
this much is absolutely certain
considerable panic and loads of hand wringing

Predictions of unfinished venues
Spiraling costs
Log jam
Watch out
Ticket touts about
Journalists whipping up panic
over the threat of terrorists

99% of the Olympics
went off without a hitch

Sceptical killjoys had reminded:
'We're in the midst of a severe financial crisis
We can't afford this...! '
Still others had grumbled:
'60 State of the Art hospitals could have been built
instead of all this extravagance.....'
And, doom-sayers swore:
'London has unpredictable weather
creaking infrastructure
How will it cope?
Think! '

From nay
to cynical complaints of bloated commercialism
To yea
and, finally to - complete addiction

The moment the torch arrived from Greece
the mood of the Country changed completely
Through gale force winds and poring rain
people came out in their droves
to catch a glimpse
and, to celebrate a fleeting moment

The famed British rain
stayed away - in the main
and, London basked in the sun

Opening ceremony
Closing ceremony
An absolute triumph
Olympic park
Hats off
People of all races
Came together to celebrate
Where else do you find such unity?
No place else - unfortunately

Buy me tickets to some event
Any event
I want to tell my relatives
' I was there! '

Success at swimming, rowing, shooting
and much, much more
Sent us Brits zooming up the medals board
Thanks in part to lottery funding
arranged by John Major's govt.

From twenty-one to fifteen
within the blink of an eye
we were at no.5
No! No.4
Tee hee
Thanks - Team GB

Olympic fever - complete!

A combination of dedicated athletes
Enthusiastic volunteers
Meticulous logistical planning
Panoramic views on our TV screens
Ensured a very successful Olympics

Congratulations London
The games were great

And. the way you represented
a slice of Britain's rich heritage
It's well-known tolerance
it's diverse multiculturalism -
you definitely did the Nation proud.

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