Anastasia Denise Johnson

On That Cold October Night - Poem by Anastasia Denise Johnson

On That Cold October Night

We sat on the swing and listened to the dark

The Lake looked holy

undisterbed like a virgin


Almost innocent

The moon reflected off the water with athority

Like it knew it was sopost to be there on that very lake

The stars were scatted across the sky as if they were waching us

I drew in the night

I took a deep breath

His voice made the unsure streets of my mind sertain

His laugh made me melt

But his touch

Opened up every city to my soul

His Touch

Scremed out my past

His touch made everything I am and ever was

He made my heart know

He was the black to my white

The love to my fight

His every movment made me smile

But I'd never let him know

Where we stood on the beach

I playfully drew a heart in the sand with my feet

He glanced over at me

I half smiled at him

He stepped closer and put his arms around me

'You look cold' He whispered in my ear

The angels sang

I could hear the smile in his voice

He always did this

Played with my emotions like a puppet

He had no idea

That I always thought of him

He was stamped to my thoughts

Stained on my mind

would he ever want me?

Would he ever care?

Would he still hold me when I had greesy hair?

And when I had a bad day

Would he still be around?

Would he still hold me while I was crying curl up on the ground?

He turned my body towred his

Our belly's touched

He stroked my face like I was an expenise peice of velvet

My heart was racing

I could feel my eyes fill up with questions


He must of noticed cause he let out a chuckle

Then leaned in closer

Was this it?

My once apon a time?

My commence to a new begining?

His perfect eyes shut

His smooth lips seperated

I breathed in the night and all the life around me

Lust pumped through my vains

Like a firework

Like pulling a trigger

Like dropping a bomb

A wave of electricity shot through me

Every inch of my body and soul sparked

I could feel him smiling

The stars danced

The breeze wrapped around us

Bright coloerd leaves scammped across the frosted grass

To go spread the great news

I rested my head on his shoulder

He was finally mine

And like I always knew

When I kissed him

And he kissed me

The world would stop

and we'd both be free

On That Cold October Night

He caught me by surprise

I've always loved surprises

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    slam dunk romantic. thanks for the adventure! (Report) Reply

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