On Thy Seventeenth.... Poem by MBJ Pancras

On Thy Seventeenth....

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(On the Occasion of Suzanna Christy's Seventeenth Birthday on 08th September 2020)

Thou, a Gift of God, grew in the womb of thy mother,
Thou wert fed by the Father's Mercy and Grace,
Heavenly Blessings began to flow into thee,
Thou hast been hugged close to the Father's Bosom,
The melody of the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ ringing into thine,
The Spirit of the Lord hath carried thee in His Way,
Thou art a Pearl of the Heavenly Garden,
Good News of Peace and Innocence is in thee,
Thou art blossomed with the smile of Heaven,
Full of grace and tenderness are thy words,
Thy face, of radiance and charm, is a Gift of God.
Sixteen miles together The Lord hath been with thee,
What thou hast now with thee is the Lord's Possession,
The smile which thou render is the Lord's Gift,
The words which thou utter are the Lord's melody,
The beauty thou are embodied with is the Lord's boon,
The eyes thou hast are the Lord's Light,
The breath thou breathe is the Lord's Breath,
The image thou hold is the Lord's Image,
So, thou shalt be the Lord's Possession,
And so, thou wilt be in His Command and Way.
Thou art on the milestone of Seventeenth,
Thou hast many miles to go further,
And so, hold the Lord close to thy bosom,
And He shall carry thee in His Arms,
And thou shalt be safe back to His Bosom in Heaven.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday greetings,godspeed,grace,mercy
(On the Occasion of Suzanna Christy's Seventeenth Birthday on 08th September 2020) Our daughter (MBJ Pancras & P Christina Martin
Mahtab Bangalee 08 September 2020

beautiful words like the divine tribute to Suzanna Christy's Seventeenth Birthday

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Rajnish Manga 08 September 2020

What thou hast....is the Lord's Possession, The smile....is the Lord's Gift, The words....are the Lord's melody, The beauty....is the Lord's boon, The eyes....are the Lord's Light, The breath....is the Lord's Breath.... //.... Does she have anything of her own or of her? What about the care and nurturing provided by her parents? Only this much.... 'grew in the womb of thy mother'?

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MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

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