MAHTAB BANGALEE, the KHEPA, is from Fatickchari, Chattogram Bangladesh. He is not a poet though sometimes he writes that's just for knowing himself. Basically, he is a reader of the world's poetry.

Foundation of his writings- SELF DISCOVERY, HUMANITY, LOVE FOR ALL


He is the BEING of inspiration by the PHILOSOPHY of-
1. SOCRATES- The Master Of Knowledge
2. The Greatest Philanthropic PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH- The Pioneer Of Universal Peace
3. SAHAS TABRIZI- The Pioneer Of Divine Love and JALALUDDIN RUMI- The Union Of Divine Love
4. SULTAN BAHU- The Master Of Mystic Sufi
5. BULLEH SHAH- The Union of Mystic Sufi
7. WALT WHITMAN- Writer Of World Humanism
8. The greatest holy spiritual king of the entire universe HAZRAT KEBLA BABA AHMADULLAH MAIZVANDARI and BABA GULAMUR RAHMAN MAIZVANDARI
9. Shirdi SAI BABA- The Guru of the Unity Of All Religions
10. The Greatest Philanthropic saint MOTHER TERESSA- The Mother Of Charity

NOTE on his writings by himself: -

First of all, here I proclaim that truly I know nothing and from the nothingness, I start learning.

Although your thorn bleeds me, yet, I give you ROSE. Because I love you.

Without love, no hate is the motto of my life dictionary.

I feel extremely sorry when a situation forces me to hate someone.

I cannot bear the sword to kill you in those of my hands I've carried flowers because I love you and this I'm, the love for you.
This you are my life, my universe, and my GOD.

I sow a seed of ROSE into the pure soil of my heart for everything and everyone. This world is full of verities colors. I need every single color. By these colors, I want to dye me. I want to spread the seed of ROSE over all the world. Every petal of this ROSE will carry PEACE and FRAGRANCE of LOVE for everyone.


16 January 2018

Appreciating is wise boon of GOD

16 January 2018

I have two inconsolable child - Cheering & Mourning My Mourning chases after my Cheering. How can I forget them; how can I live without them together

18 January 2018

Loneliness is best if I can discover myself and learn the self; Solitude is also best if I can discover or learn myself silently from other and in crowded the knowing of self shows the path of Saint if I want to know myself through every single or multitude creation.

18 January 2018

World is the stage where we every creation is the actor / actress.The omniscient spectator is Creator. Don't over act to find Him. Overacting is always abandoned.

18 January 2018

Silent all words of hope; passing before the sight of colorful life where all expectations play a game of immortality within mortal being

18 January 2018

Life is where there the love is evaluated and love is where there the life is the full meaning of philanthropy

18 January 2018

In the Parlor of master of knowledge silence is the greatest helper to gain knowledge properly

21 January 2018

প্রেম আমার বিশ্বাস; বিশ্বাস আমার প্রেম জ্ঞান আমার মাঝে আসে প্রেমের মাধ্যমে বিশ্বাস হয়ে

21 January 2018

তুমি আমায় ঘৃণা করতে পারো; হতে পারে ঘৃণিত তোমার কাছে আমার মতবাদ ও সংস্কৃতি তবে আমি তোমায় ঘৃণা করিনা যদিও তোমার মতবাদ ও সংস্কৃতি গ্রহণ করতে পারিনি

22 January 2018

I gain knowledge to love the creations of God, to seek the love of God in the midst of creations.

22 January 2018

What I learn or write only for knowing myself, I keep knowing myself only to love the Brahma and Brahma creation, I keep knowing myself to remove hatred, vengeance and ego from self.

22 January 2018

The revolution is meaningful where there the humanity is spread out.

30 January 2018

মিথ্যাকে তুমি বিচার কর বাস্তবতার বিচারদন্ড দিয়ে আর কাল্পনিক বিশ্বাসগুলোকে সত্য বলে বুকে ধারণ করে তোমার অপরাপর বিচারদন্ডে দন্ডিত কর তুমি ছাড়া সকলে জাহান্নামী। এ তোমার কেমন বিচার শাস্ত্র!

30 January 2018

জ্ঞানহীনে বিচরণ আপন ভুলে তারপর অনুসরণ অর্থশাস্ত্রবেদে আর বলি আমি জ্ঞানী - মহাজ্ঞানী -যা নিজেকে ভুলে! !

30 January 2018

শিখিনি কিছুই শুধুই ভালোবেসেছি আর পেয়েছি দুঃখের মাঝে নিরন্তর পুষ্প!

30 January 2018

জানিনা বলেই ঘৃণী যদি জানতুন ভালোবাসতুম যতনে এই মানবধর্মেরে।

30 January 2018

যা কিছু ভালো বলি তা আমার আর মন্দ কিছু শুধুই তোমা হতে .... এ আমি অকৃতজ্ঞ বলে!

30 January 2018

তুমি ঘৃণা করতে পারো তবে আমাকে নয় বরং আমার কদর্যময় কর্মকে

30 January 2018

মানবতার জঘন্য শত্ৰু নিজেই নিজের প্রশংসায় লিপ্ত থাকা

19 March 2018

Death is so beautiful if there is life.

12 May 2018

Conscience begets Humanity and Humanity begets the ultimate Civilization.

01 July 2018

আমি কোথাও আমার শত্রু পাইনা। যে ক্ষতি করে সে আমার শত্রু নয় - আমি হয়তো তাঁকে ভুল বুঝেছি অথবা তাঁকে বুঝাতে আমি অক্ষম। I can not find my enemy anywhere. The harm that he does is not my enemy - I may have misunderstood him or I am unable to make him understand.

18 July 2018

Human is being of self mirror. If this mirror does not reflect or refract goodly then he thinks all are awkward (guilty) and if this mirror reflect or refract goodly through all conditions then please keep note this self mirror is crystal clean (innocent) .

16 August 2018

Every Creation Is True and Beautiful In Its Own Birth

16 August 2018

Reality survives in its truthfulness and artificial disappears with time expiration boat

16 August 2018

Mirror has true eyes. Please come and stand Before mirror you will find yourself in its eyesight.

26 August 2018

Give me that love which you've given yourself only then I will give a full PEACE (ISLAM) .

10 October 2018

This world is apple of discord between Believers in work and Believers of belief.

14 October 2018

Many leaders, many weaknesses

14 October 2018

There are a lot of difference in knowing, understanding and realization.

13 January 2019

Pure is Fair(inside) : but all Fair is not Pure. Purity is Cryptic Boon of God.

13 January 2019

Breathing is executed through two ways- taking and giving; so if equally do these two, will feel healthy in physical life

24 January 2019

Without Emotion Excess Attention To Materialistic Life Is Injurious To Mentality

29 April 2019

where justice is bloodstained napkin pad there injustice is justice!

30 April 2019

Seen sceneries are beautiful but those unseen are most beautiful Known fires are dreadful but those unknown are most dreadful

20 May 2019

life tastes the complete judgement of reality before its history

27 July 2019

Knowledge is unity; only love unites all So knowledge is love; who create divisions among human community he is not a wise man

27 July 2019

I was born to be happy I am fine always

30 January 2020

Fate- a glorious mystic worker of believing industry!

30 January 2020

I ignore all blind believers but I'm not illiterate

30 January 2020

I have no fear of death because I am truth; I have no fear of death because I am love; I have no fear of death because I have nothing on this earth to lose; I have no fear of death because death is the name of exchanging place of the true being and there I will the same!

30 January 2020

A teacher need to open the door of conscientious knowledge of students, no need to impose the lessons of imitation or following blindly the predecessors!

31 January 2020

every believer is not illiterate and ignorant but every Illiterate is hearsay believer!

02 February 2020

Life is endless periodical drama where it gets recycling vitality differently

20 May 2020

Life is the indecisive stage answers to the all kind of questions.

20 May 2020

Poetic words are the natural crystal mirror where poet finds out himself spontaneously

29 May 2020

Truth increases the fair free and fearless thinker

29 May 2020

When I came brought nothing; So I have no fear of lost

29 May 2020

Good in all by born but bad in practical life movement

17 July 2020

Listening to lies is entertaining when truth is known secretly


You Are My Poem

Give me some letters
I'll make words
Give me some words
I'll make sentence
Give me some sentences
I'll make poetry
Give me some poems
I'll find you there

This is all about your poetic denotations
This you are- the poetic buds,
The poetic stalks,
The poetic petals,
The poetic leaves.
And as the poetic fragrance
you spread from yard to yard,
From port to port - all throughout the cosmos.
And this you are only one poetic bough
Where I've come as your amorous bird of soul
And through the poetic love I seek impenetrable ring.

-July 02,2018 Chattogram


আমায় কিছু অক্ষর দাও
আমি শব্দ বানাব
আমায় কিছু শব্দ দাও
আমি বাক্য বানাব
আমায় কিছু বাক্য দাও
আমি কবিতা বানাব
আমায় কিছু কবিতা দাও
সেখানে আমি তোমায়ই খুঁজব

এ তোমার কাব্যময়ীতার সবই
এ তুমি - কাব্যময়ীতার কলি,
কাব্যময়ীতার বৃন্ত,
কাব্যময়ীতার দল,
কাব্যময়ীতার পাতা,
কাব্যময়ীতার সুগন্ধি হয়ে ছড়িয়ে পড়ো প্রান্তর থেকে প্রান্তরে
বন্দর থেকে বন্দরে - নিসর্গ সর্বময়।
আর এ তুমি কাব্যময়ীতার একটি শাখা
যেখানে আমি তোমার প্রেম প্রণয় হয়ে আসা একটি প্রাণ পাখি
আর কাব্যময়ীতার প্রেমে খুঁজি অভেদ্য বলয়।

-জুলাই ০২, ২০১৮ চট্টগ্রাম।


Dr Dillip K Swain 14 February 2019

Mahtab Bangalee is a very talented poet who writes from heart! He is a sincere contributor to Poem Hunter. You Are My Poem, I Am # 05, Change To Concrete, Concrete Expectation, I Died Before My Birth! are some of his outstanding creations and mile stones of his success as a great poet. I admire his style of penning, sincerity, dedication and intense passion for poetry! I wish him a radiant literary journey in days ahead!

79 0 Reply
Valsa George 16 February 2019

Mahtab is an upcoming poet His reviews and poems are a delight I pray for God's blessings on his way And my love for him, here, do I convey!

79 0 Reply
Muzahidul Reza 21 February 2019

MAHTAB BANGALEE is much of sophisticated, mutinous poet. His writings show him possessing great deal of tenacity embedded on his enough practical, bitter and hard experiences. I am sure of some wrong and corrupted situations around have caused his most of the writings and him a sort of rebelious ones. I hope he will go on writing more practically to reveal real things, ..........

77 0 Reply
Ink of Sin 24 January 2019

M.B is blue blood of instant poetic comment

68 0 Reply
M Asim Nehal 29 January 2019

There are very few poets on PH's Site who have touched this height in poetic world, at this tender age, which Mahtab Bangalee did. Like the meaning of his name MAHTAB: “Light of the moon” he shines brighter than others and in every form and shapes he delights the readers with his magical pen. I wish him all the success and pray to Almighty to bless him with more writing poweress. (Aameen)

68 0 Reply
Mac Che 09 February 2022

Whatever, I come sometimes to this site and read this poet. It's very influencial and very philosophical his writings are. Metaphore and metaphysical senses are entangled his poetic philosopy. I expect his brilliance in his poetic career.

1 0 Reply
Mac Che 09 February 2022

Mahtab, that's good name and Bangalee carries his nationality, that's also good. I thought this guy is full bengali in writings, but some english and some bengali poems make him very intersting.

1 0 Reply
Moore Noore 08 February 2022

I think Poet Mahtab Bangalee is different by his writing style and thinking about the entire people around the world. I appreciate this poet.

2 0 Reply
Moore Noore 08 February 2022

I am unanimous to Mr. Sultan Deen regarding Mr. Mahtab Bangalee. Yes, as a Poet Mr. Mahtab Bangalee is very interesting by his poetic expression and philosophy.

2 0 Reply
Sultan Deen 07 February 2022

Mahtab Bangalee! Interesting name to me but not bad to read his works. Introspective, metaphorical language, metaphysical sense and all above some realistic works shall immortalize him, I hope.

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