Once Upon A Summers Eve Poem by Nikia Chesney

Once Upon A Summers Eve

Once upon a summers eve,
you sought out my heart to deceive;
For on the morrow you will leave,
Leave me here alone.

Once upon a time you loved me,
you said no one could rise above me;
Now all you seek to do is shove me,
Further on my own.

I cannot help myself but question,
why were you so fatefully destined;
To leave my heart without a mention,
As to how I lost your love?

Then I thought,
'Could it really be?
The problem here was always me? '
From the beginning, now I see...
I never really had your love.

No, the fault here was not mine,
I did not see it at that time;
For through my love, I was blind,
Blinded from the truth.

This cannot truely be goodbye,
I cannot possibly understand why;
That you to my face would purposely lie,
About what I meant to you.

Regardless on what I think or feel,
I will seek you out to reveal;
I pray my heart to be still...
For this is what I must do!

Closer to you my heart grows stronger,
hesitating then no longer;
For no more nights will I sit and wonder,
What I truely meant to you.

'Why pray tell must you leave me?
Have you always planned to deceive me?
Did you really think it would be easy,
For me to say good-bye? '

'I'm sorry! ' He said, 'I no longer love you,
I honestly never meant to hurt you;
Your soul mate is one you cannot choose...'
It was then I began to cry.

Once upon a summers eve,
the day my heart you did deceive;
was the day that you did keep,
A piece of me with you.

For as long as on this earth I remain,
is as long as my love will be the same;
Until the day that you reclaim,
My love I hold for you.


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