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Once Upon A Time

Rating: 5.0
Once Upon a Time
In a Land that Time
Knew not, where Time
Was not an issue, Time
Stood still

In the myriad Stories
That History is Made of
In this Land that Time
Stood Still was A man
Who knew a Secret
That those who worship
Time would become
The Masters

Sunrise to Sunset was
The Clock he wore And
To that Clock he kept his
Work adhered And none
Dared to breach that Promise
From Sunrise to Sunset
He'd create the Promise
That'd make him a Master
Of Time He was Sure

Days did pass in such a manner
No one spoke about the man
Who worked from dawn to set
And when there came a boat
To these shores that Time Forgot
And stepped on these shores
Men and Women from Some
Place Else with Coins and Gold
And Myriad stones a glitter

Wafted through the Land that
Time forgot till they came Upon
The Man who knew that Time
Would Honor the Man who Honored
Time and Kept this Secret to Himself
And labored hard and long
And found in his shop a treasure trove
Of things that they'd never seen

Flock they did in droves to him
Till all he had was their gold and glitterin'
Stones that they set upon their gold
And laugh he did for they did not know
That all that he got was simply this
And that he got was of no use to him
In this land that Time Forgot

Such is money, he laughed out loud
Someone's need and someone's ignorance
He couldn't care if he had none
But he would honor the Promise
That he came upon
That from the morn to the dusk
He'd labor and from that would
Grow the Wealth he wanted

Soon came another ship to this Land
That Time forgot and wander did those
That came from yonder lands
Till they came upon the Man who
Labored long from morn to dusk
And found with him glitterin' stone
And gold and more with stones
Set in the gold wrought by the
Man who labored long.

He laughed out loud when leave they did
All he had was the paper they lived for
Money they called it and held it safe
As if they knew not whence it came
Around the Land that Time forgot
Were the tree's that stood till
Time came around
And he laughed aloud when he stood
By them, and wondered at the folly
Of the men who'd just left

Kill they did the trees that stood
Created 'wealth' that they dug
From the belly of the earth
To make of paper more of that
Wealth and deem themselves poor
When they ran out of it

Hug he did the tree that stood
You are the one that was here
Before I or the one's like me
Time stood still for you to grow
And I am only a ship that
Sails by you
No rights have I to strike you
Down, Flourish, bloom and stand
So tall, Magnanimous Creature
That Time Created
You I worship this insignificant Man..
Bobby Menonn
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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