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Once Upon A Time There Lived A Nurse Tiffani - Poem by Patricia Kelley

Once upon a time there was a maiden, who was a nurse named Tiffani, she wore her heart for many.
She was a beautiful young woman with shiny curly golden hair flowing cascading down to her tiny slim waist.
Her eyes sparkling blue green.
Her young silhouette body lean, she was never mean.
With her young enthusiastic heart, given too plenty,
She raced through the long, sometimes hot waxed, narrow halls.
Hearing her loud patient calls.
Giving whatever, she had to any.
She saw her patients daily.
She had her special patients that adored her.
Putting lotion on dry skin which was scaly,
Miss Tiffani always saw to her patients.
Running by the nurses stations',
Her patents always came first.
She knew exactly when they had a built up thirst.
The doctors that knew her always requested her first.
She had a good reputation with the doctors.
Even though some acted like actors.
Her hard work was always reinforced.
By the love and care, that she showed too many.
All the patients adored pretty Nurse Tiffani.
She would take time out in the day to take them on a stroll.
Making them feel like they were on a roll.
Then one day, Tiffani opened her heart to a stranger.
Not knowing she was in danger.

She brought a homeless, nurses aide, home with her, named Natalie.
The old gal full of demons slipped her and evil pill.
Lying to her, telling her it wouldn't hurt her.
She had fallen hurting her back.
Falling backwards, crushing her back.
The young evil witch lied.
Saying she would feel no pain.
Tiffani naïve thought she could trust her.
What was the witches gain?
Was it because, she was fairer, than she?
It was almost an instant kill.
She did it,
By getting a thrill!
Time stopped.
Her fading heart stopped.
With, me, her mother holding her for the last time, she was gone.
I cried.
All of the, Angels' in Heaven cried, It was a full war against evil Satan.
Michael the Archangel came, showing up wearing a blue sapphire in his crown.
Satan, he said, she doesn't belong to you.
She's a citizen of Heaven, her name written in the book of life.
She died never becoming anyone's wife.
It was a sad day on earth.
I remembered back to the day I gave birth.
I felt the same labor pains all over, again!
It was a physical and spiritual separation taking place.

She lay in her tomb lifeless.
Dressed as a beautiful sleeping princess.
The family left speechless.
Taken by surprise,
But in Heaven it was a full celebration with pink, and purple flowers blooming going off like fireworks that lit the Heavenly skies.
Even though her family was left on earth that cries,
The beautiful princess rises.
Taking eternity's sweet breath!
She lives on today immortal on paper, immortal in song, my beautiful daughter, Tiffani lives on.........
There isn't a day that passes that I don't remember her smile, her laughter, her warm fading heart that suddenly stopped in her mother's loving arms.

So, when you read this think about my beautiful daughter Tiffani and how her young life was wasted. And how that evil Natalie took her away from her family.....

The family quietly waiting for the day, they see, Beautiful Tiffani, again!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is for my beautiful daughter Tiffani Dawn Payne 1976-2008

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