One Day Only Poem by gordon nosworthy

One Day Only

had i known i would have been an artist much sooner
before the entertainment closes down
and the darkness of the curtain reveals itself

how many years ago now when a driver
drunk as the blind leading the blind
stopped for coffee with two and two
by driving his car dead into a fire hydrant
in order to come to a stop
because his foot couldn't find the brake
before his favourite coffee shop

under a cascade of water he staggered
from the bent remainder of his car
across the sidewalk more or less directly
into the coffee shop to place his order
as if this happened every day
no stress no bother no problem
he saw life differently

yeah i wish i was an artist earlier
as a witness to a different world
not for the sake of nonconformity
not to be different for difference sake
but to to understand differently
what is seen differently
with less absurdity

soon as i climbed out the womb
i would have liked to grab some brushes and a pen
to begin deciphering the laughter
the contempt the censure
i want to paint everything
with the separation of originality

i want to see the broken body of the logger
pulled from the mangle of logs
thick in the butts as land rovers in rut
and realize the body was meat
the mind was gone
tempt the possibility of a closer connection
by destroying me as an artistic aside

i want to drive myself forward
stopping only for oncoming trains
i want to feel myself sing
off key but loud and proud
i want to hear myself say
that way's ok but there's also this way
it's not a final answer
it's an answer with metal in its spine

i want to know my own faults
as best i am able
i want to summon enough courage
to change what needs changing
i want to breathe with an intensity and passion
that lives as if each day is my last
i want to finally shut my eyes knowing
that at least i tried

Monday, July 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: blues
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