Estefano Molina

One Day You Will Understand - Poem by Estefano Molina

My father always stayed up at night
I would go to sleep
Asking if I could join him
But would send me to bed
Always telling me
'One day you'll understand'
And he stayed at the kitchen table
Sometimes working, Sometimes reading
very seldom actually eating
Always alone
Just resting his thoughts
I Always sensed a certain sadness to it
I would wake up and he was there
Still sitting
Drinking his coffee
Dark and bitter
Tired but thanking God
For there was a job to wake up to
Never saw him shed a tear
It only proved his strength
That was when we lived in the old country
Much simpler days
I was still a young boy
Learning to add and subtract

A few years later we were here
In this great country
But I never forgot where I was from
My father showed me pride
And I remember people would lie
Never wanting to say where they were from
I always said the truth
I'm from the city where mountains are kings
I was born there
and I can speak my native tongue
But I was raised here
Never really from here
Nor from there
He taught me that every job has honor
Told me that if I were a janitor
Well dammit!
Be the best damn janitor
I admired his strength
based my philosophy on his beliefs

I was a little older
when my father's mother passed
My dear Grandmother
I remember the image in my father's face
Stone cold
Not a sign of despair
He was strong
as he carried the casket
I didn't cry either
I don't know why
I was her favorite
but not a tear drop
My father was dying inside
as was I
When no one was there
In silence he cried

He was always a man that never showed much emotion
Didn't hug or kiss his kids
Didn't have to say I love you
He showed it with his strength
And dedication to provide for us
With whatever he could
However he could
After my grandmother passed
He sat there at the kitchen table
Every night staying up late
And finally I saw him one night
He put his head down
He was exhausted
He was sobbing
I realized then
All men cry
And it is not a weakness to do so
It shows even greater strength
and I admired him even more
So I let him have his moment
He deserved it

I have my own family now
Much different then what I had growing up
I live alone
But when I visit my father
He is still there
Sitting until the lonely hours of the night
With a cold beer in hand
And I'm old enough to understand now
I don't have a kitchen table to sit at
But only a good beer to keep company
That's all I need

Topic(s) of this poem: nostalgia, thoughts

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