One Inch Tall Poem by Shel Silverstein

One Inch Tall

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If you were only one inch tall, you'd ride a worm to school.
The teardrop of a crying ant would be your swimming pool.
A crumb of cake would be a feast
And last you seven days at least,
A flea would be a frightening beast
If you were one inch tall.

If you were only one inch tall, you'd walk beneath the door,
And it would take about a month to get down to the store.
A bit of fluff would be your bed,
You'd swing upon a spider's thread,
And wear a thimble on your head
If you were one inch tall.

You'd surf across the kitchen sink upon a stick of gum.
You couldn't hug your mama, you'd just have to hug her thumb.
You'd run from people's feet in fright,
To move a pen would take all night,
(This poem took fourteen years to write-
'Cause I'm just one inch tall) .

One Inch Tall
Youdontneedtoknow 03 January 2018

This pretty bad ngl

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Cake19 29 August 2018

Your poems are so good

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Naiyer 06 February 2018

Very interesting Thanks

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Joe Moma 13 January 2020

The giving tree is ok but the rest stink

2 7 Reply
Joe Mama 14 January 2020

Good luck trying to get Joe Moma as ur bf

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Evan 31 May 2022

I don't like the word mama

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Allthetimeryhm 21 March 2022

The robot voice makes it sound bad...

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damion damion 29 November 2021


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ISAP 29 November 2021

Your Done

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isap 29 November 2021

you's done

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