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Open Letter To The Universe - Poem by Cee Bea


I am from what we call the planet earth, it is the color of blue and white and green and brown. Well in truth, it offers every color we can see as human beings (thats what we call our selves) It is a very nice place, full of diversity and wonders.

You might not know me, though sometimes it feel like you do. I gaze at your wonders at night and am both amazed and humbled and that you look back with a smile.

We all think differently about you, some see you with wonder (like me) but some do seem a bit afraid at times. I think, mostly because they do not know or understand you. I find you to be naturally good, simply because you created everything we love. I find you beautiful and charming, wise and caring.

But I think it best not to assume to know you, rather I enjoy just being a part of you, and wanted to offer a few words of thanks, and speak a bit about us.

We ARE good people (human be-ings) that sometimes are lost. So please do be patient with us as we fumble at times to find proper direction. We all want peace, but find it hard to not live in the past sometimes, we harbor anger more than we should and at times are greedy. But we are always discovering things about ourselves and seem to rise, moving forward with every step towards a better world for all. I think its just a part of growing up, and find us in many fashions to be like children on a scale or everything that might be. We also try very hard, we are, in our hearts aware, but sometimes….shiny things distract us. That is a metaphorical joke…meaning, we loose sight of what is best about us, and feel as those having more things make's us better, over understanding that caring for all, means caring for the self.

I write this in case you find us hypocritical (say one thing, but do another) and we are indeed.
I will say from my view, its full of beautiful people and life, that I believe have great potential for doing great things. I just thought this letter may be more truthful than about any you may have received, although I am not sure, ...but if you received previous ones saying we were peaceful, than saw all the war, or saw the debris we left just lying around, like you did not matter….well we have, but I see us growing very quickly in mind and soul (the inner voice inside us that dictates much of what we do) . Its not easy, but that is where I find the most hope, and want to offer that view to you.
We are at a great time of change, we are very smart, (on our own scale) but sometimes not wise. Meaning for our intelligence level, and creative inventions, we often end up hurting, more than helping.

We are at a stage where, we can, and could destroy our fine earth at our own hands, and inventions. It makes me very sad, I bet you also.

I feel as though we somewhat understand the gifts the universe, our stellar system, our sun, moon and Earth and all it provides, and have throughout our scale of time. It is a gift, that always gives, so much so, at times, we forget that none of it has to be there, that it IS a GIFT.

Anywhohow…we are ever-changing, always hoping for better, but even when we know we have to change, its difficult for us. We are very cute (in my thought) , and funny(in my thought) , and our capacity for love, faith and hope….well that is our greatest attribute.
We keep trying….I hope that you see that and I truly believe you do.

So I just wanted to say what I felt, in hopes you might see it and have it make you smile, make you see, that we are of great promise and potential for good.
Soooo Please don't squash us or something like that.
Many try very hard, and I feel understand, some do not, , , , but will. They have this thing about ego's and that admitting you are greater, puts them at your will, which they are anyway.
I believe if you did not love us…we would not be here.
So if you could…Please….keep us safe, help us learn and be better, also be patient and above all

Thank you.

I think, and so many others along with me, think you are awesome. If I could hug you, I would. Its kinda what I hope these words offer. Peace, love and thank you is not enough, I don't know what would be, but I offer it anyway.

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