Orphans, What Shall I Do For You? Poem by Roy Johannes Gama

Orphans, What Shall I Do For You?

Orphans, what shall I do for you?
Shall I build an orphanage?
Or shall I wipe out tears of sorrow from thine faces?

I call upon thee Holy Spirit to come forth
Prepared for long I have been
For grand great vision
Drive me to freedom oh Holy Spirit
Shine bright like a star in me
My path is in dire need of light

Shall I build an orphanage?
I will build an orphanage one day
Make it a refuge will I
A sanctuary for the homeless
A rest haven for abandoned souls

Drive me oh Holy Spirit
One day will I build it
Take me through this dream oh Holy Spirit
Make it a reality I plead
Accompany me on this journey

I wanna free my heart
And see fruition of this vision
I call upon thee orphans come!
Shall I build an orphanage for you
Oh I shall one day

May the opportune time come sooner
I call upon this time, come!
Shall I build an orphanage
To help many troubled souls
Solid shall I build it
To shelter many homeless
The toiling and suffering
The tormented souls
Shall I give them shelter, refuge
To put a smile, a laughter on their faces
To offer them respite and relief
An orphanage yes shall I build

Sunday, April 21, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: orphan
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