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I am a true African
Born dark skinned and slim
Who survived by hunting land gathering

Shall I

A home to two thousand orphans shall I build
Shall I build not just an orphanage?

Who can I compare you to Oh Lord?
Most high God you're my Lord!
The only holy King;
Eternal one, with infinite love.

Poem by Roy Johannes Gama

God bless africa
You made her the second largest continent

My church is Bethesda Apostolic Church
Established by Archbishop LM Manhango in 1952 PACHIWIRIRI
Patsime reruponeso rwemweya

Oh, Son of the Most High!
I'll forever be the best son to my mother
I'll forever be the best son to my father,

Day and night with no regrets
We shall keep fighting
To achieve our intended goals
The imagination to conquer

Orphans, what shall I do for you?
Shall I build an orphanage?
Or shall I wipe out tears of sorrow from thine faces?

A Zimbabwean soul yearns
Turn your eyes back Zimbabwe
Turn them and see how much earth drank the blood of your kids
Turn them back and see how much your neighbors swallowed your kids


To be called a street kid, a junkie I was
To be seen and called a lost orphan child while both parents lived

You shine my Lord
While I've been on this world
Since I've been in Africa
Since you kept me safe

Lord of all creatures
Your servant here I am
willing to praise you
A product of your creations

Mother you're a true soldier
I have seen it
You deserve to be called a warrior
It's definitely you that cannot be replaced,

My heart desires
like a butterfly she is magnificent

Without her I can't soar high

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FOUNDER OF CREATIVE POETS Blackdagama or Roy Johannes Gama is a young man from Zimbabwe who has experienced many of life's ups and downs. He's a talented poet who writes about his experiences and observations, drawing on his unique perspective as an African youth. His poems reflect a deep understanding of the human condition, with themes of love, loss, hope, and strength. He's a rising star in the world of African literature, with a bright future ahead of him. Blackdagama is a young man who has already published a poetry book on Amazon. His book have been well-received, and he's quickly gaining a following among readers around the world. His work is characterized by its honest and introspective nature, as well as its vivid imagery and lyrical style. Dagama's poems are a testament to the power of words to capture the human experience. THANK YOU ALWAYS BELIEVE)

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I Am A True African

I am a true African
Born dark skinned and slim
Who survived by hunting land gathering

I am a true African
Who minded not the circumstances
Even not returning home
Or failure on repeat

Easy it was not
Nor was it bad
But dreadful as it was
I never minded
Going into the bush

Alone I was
Driven by the penchant to survive
A choice I did not have
I am a true African

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