Derrick Andrews

Our Great Nation... - Poem by Derrick Andrews

The extent of the greed of mankind, is sickeningly depressing,

for a person would rather fill their wallet, than give a single blessing,

care, compassion, and sympathy, are now far beyond our sight,

we have lost focus on all kindness, and what is wrong or right,

the sheer audacity of mankinds greed is evident in many,

for a man would surely cut you down, for the chance at one more penny,

and a man would do anything, to reach the peak of wealth,

even abandon all of his friends, or damage his own health,

even knowing that he will eventually pay the cost,

he will not feel as though he has lost,

for that simple reward of a heightened pay,

would get him through that gloomy day,

it saddens me to know the truth, but i am not suprised,

for after witnessing this abomination, i have promptly realized,

that the reason why the world we live in, is so increasingly spoiled and rotten,

is the fact that all acts of human kindness, have been utterly forgotten...

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Poem Submitted: Friday, July 25, 2008

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