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Our Lady Of The Sackcloth

Rating: 3.3

There was a Priest at Philae,
Tongue-tied, feeble, and old;
And the daily prayer to the Virgin
Was all the Office he could.

The others were ill-remembered,
Mumbled and hard to hear;
But to Mary, the two-fold Virgin,
Always his voice rang clear.

And the congregation mocked him,
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Ramesh T A 15 May 2013

Kipling's sense of Christian feeling is beautifully conveyed in this fine poem! Patience of the meek never goes waste indeed! Reading this poem one has to feel so!

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Bill Grace 15 May 2013

For those of Roman Catholic background more power than for those who do not understand the figure of Mary. Carl Jung would approve. Bill Grace

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Phyllis T. Halle 15 May 2012

I had never read this most beautiful, most perfect, most touching poem! And now I am so happy that you provided me with the opportunity to know its profound beauty!

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Patti Masterman 15 May 2012

Wow, this broke open the top of my head. Glad I found it here, had never heard of it before.

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