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Born on 28th August 1950, native of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the Author T.A. Ramesh is educated and living in Pondicherry, India. Though an undergraduate in Physics, he is a postgraduate in English Literature and Personnel Management as well. After working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries, Pondicherry for 22 years, he is occupied i ...

Ramesh T A Poems

Songs Of The Singing Bird!

The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!

India, The Land Of Beauty And Greatness!

As a sparkling Diamond among the nations
India stands beautifully in shape and size
On the Map of the World attracting all!
For, India, the land of beauty and greatness

A Good, Bad, Ugly Society!

Prayers And Dreams Will Become Realities!

Humanity lives by faith against the disbelief of many;
They say all they can and ask for deliverance by prayers;
Will the prayers reach to whom that has been sent ever...?
Like radio transmission, TV telecast prayer reaches to Him!

An Eternal Divine Mother Of Love!

The most beloved soul of my grand aunt has passed away
Friday night donating her eyes and body to medical college
For study purpose to medical students aspiring to achieve
great feat in medical line for serving human society ever!

Ramesh T A Comments

Ramesh T A 09 August 2017

Roula Pollard: You communicate very interesting ideas in your poem and its style is original and impressive!

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Ramesh T A 11 November 2017

Comment on All Work Spoiling Corruption by Roxanne Lea Bubarry: Your poetry is awesome and you are a great poet and wonderful human being!

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Ramesh T A 14 September 2017

Comment on Second Season by Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr: Any penning is a good penning from the tip of your golden pen...

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Ramesh T A 10 August 2017

A POEM DEDICATED TO RAMESH - Anti-Sonnet by Marieta Maglas - Comment by Romeo Della Valle: A well deserved dedication to a great poet of our time; I simply wish I could one day inspire you like he did!

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Abhay Vignesh L 07 March 2011

Wonderful poems.A pleasure to read them.A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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this is a great poem indeed...best wishes dear poet

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 November 2020

This is the time to greet great poet Ramesh T A, who has achieved the rank #185 on top 500 poets of the world on date 01 November 2020. This is the matter of happiness. We greet him and congratulate him. May God bring happiness!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 October 2020

We greet and congratulate great poet Ramesh T A Sir for achieving the world rank #227 on top 500 poets of the world on date 15 October 2020 and rank # 255 on date 16 October 2020 as per the World Poetry Database information published in Poem Hunter. May God bring grand success and fortune for him always! We are wishing him all the best!

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Ramesh T A 08 October 2020

Comment on Human Dharma only can Keep Human Existence go on Well Ever: Fabulous poem, I agree with lovely Heike, there is a lot of power in these words " Keeps human existence go on friendship, love, joy and peace! " the overall is a great message to us all. Especially in these times where many feel lost and look to good direction and leadership, thanks for highlighting in such a good poem! - Fledgling Carla

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Ramesh T A 16 September 2020

Rajendran Muthiah: Ramesh Sir, I read out all the laurels you have reaped and the recognition, the society has given you. You have reached Himalayan heights in the art of writing and publishing. My native place, Melathirumanickam is in Madurai dt. I am a product of SVN College, Nagamalai. Congrats Sir!

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