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The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!

Humanity lives by faith against the disbelief of many;
They say all they can and ask for deliverance by prayers;
Will the prayers reach to whom that has been sent ever...?
Like radio transmission, TV telecast prayer reaches to Him!

As a sparkling Diamond among the nations
India stands beautifully in shape and size
On the Map of the World attracting all!
For, India, the land of beauty and greatness

Stock piling of weapons has triggered Arms race!
Arms race is going on since the end of World War II.
In the Cold war period it went on between USA & USSR;
Now the game of balance of power goes between nations!

Lonely as a cloud I was walking on the beach;
Pain of love lost I was trying to forget in Nature.

Reclined I on a sand meadow musing over Moon.

The most beloved soul of my grand aunt has passed away
Friday night donating her eyes and body to medical college
For study purpose to medical students aspiring to achieve
great feat in medical line for serving human society ever!

For winning in contest
Both intelligence and luck are needed
Though great skill is!

Can economic development of a nation be based on
Mere economic statistics only that shows rate of
Growth and status of deficit every month of a year?

Festivals of deities take place all round the year for people to pray for peace;
Yet, woes of ocean people go on swimming after shipwreck to reach shore;
They cry for help and escaping to shore is indeed a great miracle happening;
That happens between the transaction of man and God for survival!

Past is past anywhere forever here;
Never comes back from west to east
Or from north to south in our life;
For, time moves forward as spirit!

According to every means, there is a benefit as its end;
Good means has a good end according to its implementation;
Bad means may bring many benefits but the end is bad sure;
Those things are historically inspiring all who see truth!

Countless Stars as the sands of seashores of the world
In the dark night Sky shine bright in the wonderful Space!
As the falling sands into the hole of the hour glass of time
Stars disappear in the Black Holes of galaxies in the Universe!

I am seventy two
Going on seventy three
I am a philosophic Poet
Being a Poet I love Nature

Marriages and divorces are balancing with each other nowadays!
Why should there be so many divorces so early and fast now?
Are the marriages made from blind love without any guarantee?
It looks so funny to read about such loves, marriages and divorces!

Adventure of romantic love offers opportunity to lovers
Enjoy heavenly pleasure to the level of the Universe and
Come down to the garden of paradise on the Earth to live
Human life best against all barriers with courage high!

Like moths many nations rushing towards and playing with
Nuclear fire not realizing that it will destroy them and
All others making the very existence of the world a dream!

Humility to see perfection in all works
of art or science or Poetry by creativity,
achievers are doers of miracles in the world!
Ramesh Y A

Living away from Nature many are stranded nowhere,
From where know not where to proceed or what to do!
Mechanically trained in the name of discipline all lose all
And never able to realise what is their natural self here!

New Moon is black Moon, but full Moon is bright Moon we enjoy every month;
But two full Moons also come in some month called as blue Moon beautiful;
My Moon and my everybody's Moon says Browning as in a dramatic monologue
Reminding all of the great bard Shakespeare for such fun in Poetry ever!

Ramesh T A Biography

Born on 28th August 1950, native of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the Author T.A. Ramesh is educated and living in Pondicherry, India. Though an undergraduate in Physics, he is a postgraduate in English Literature and Personnel Management as well. After working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries, Pondicherry for 22 years, he is occupied in writing poems and essays since 1989 and is publishing books from 1996 on. He has written Poetry books like Dreams, Ideas and Realities; The Vision of Life; Soaring High to Sublimity; Pearls of Micro Poetry; Gems of Human Life; The World of Man; Human Life; World Life; Dreams And Realities Of Life; The Game Of Life, The Life of Man, Life of The World, World Peace and New Poems so far; 2 Non-Fiction books, The Creation of One World; and One Human World and one Novel, The Halo Dreams. His first Poetry Book, DREAMS, IDEAS AND REALTIES was published by Minerva Press, India in 2000. His Non-Fiction book, THE CREATION OF ONE WORLD was published by The Halo Papers, India in 2000 and as E Book by www.lulu.com in Feb.2010. From 2005 he is occupied in publishing his poems and articles on internet. Along with 33 dignitaries who have made achievements in various fields, T.A. Ramesh was also awarded as the Best English Book Author by the Sourashtra Community Welfare Chamber at Madurai, India on 20th March 2005. He has been selected as one of the 30 poets filtering from 2150poets scrutinized and unanimously approved by 100 world Editors for publishing their poems in www.theenchantingverses.co.nr as well as in The Enchanting Verses International magazine of May 2008. He is also selected as an Indian Executive Committee Elite member for the forum, United Minds For Peace Society, www.umfps.co.cc in January 2009. His Poetry Videos like Colourful Flowers and Water of Life are released by www.youtube.com and www.myspace.com in August 2009. T A Ramesh is elected by poll as the Poet of the Year 2010 in www.CCPOETS.COM. He is the Second Prize Winner in the Workshop # 17 competition on Justice for the year 2010 in www.boloji.com. Special Commendation Award for Writer in English is presented to Shri.T.A.Ramesh by BVK Foundation under Sourashtrian Achievers Award category on 11th August 2013 in SITCON 2013 Conference organised by Sourashtra Chamber of Commerce at Raja Muthiya Mandram, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. He is honoured with the publication of two of his poems, Passionate Longing of Rose, and Singing Songs in Sonnet Long translated in Romanian language in an Anthology of International Poetry called Geneza Visurilor in Nov.2014 in Romania. Also, in July 2016, T A Ramesh is honoured with the publication of three of his poems like One World Utopia, Heaven of Earth and One World Union in an Anthology of Poetry for World Unity Against Racism by Our Poetry Archive. From 2015 he is regularly contributing Poems to www.ourpoetryarchive.com and in 2019 his poem on Mahatma Gandhi was published along with 150 Poets from all over the world in an Anthology of Poems as a Tribute Mahatma the Living Legend on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. World Literature Academy and World Poets Association of Romania have proudly presented the titles such as World Poetic Star and International Cultural Ambassador to T A Ramesh for his promotion of literature on Planetary level in 2021. LIST OF BOOKS WRITTEN BY T A RAMESH Novel and Short Story: 1. THE HALO DREAMS (1988) 2. SHORT STORY COLLECTION (1992) Non-Fiction Books 3. THE CREATION OF ONE WORLD (1997) 4. One Human World (2003) 5. HUMAN WORLD (2008) 6. New World Order (2015) Micro Poetry: 7. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.1 (21.7.2009) 8. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.2 (20.10.2009) 9. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.3 (29.1.2010) 10. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.4 (6.3.2010) 11. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.5 (16.8.2010) 12. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.6 (1.9.2010) 13. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.7 (21.9.2010) 14. PEARLS OF MICRO POETRY Vol.8 (8.3.2011) Poetry - 1: 15. DREAMS, IDEAS AND REALITIES (1994) 16. THE VISION OF LIFE (1999) 17. SOARING HIGH TO SUBLIMITY (2002) Poetry - 2: 18. GEMS OF HUMAN LIFE (23.5.2009) 19. THE WORLD OF MAN (19.7.2009) 20. W O R L D L I F E (10.9.2009) 21. H U M A N L I F E (6.10.2009) 22. D R E A M S A N D R E A L I T I E S O F L I F E (2.11.2009) 23. T H E G A M E O F L I F E (8.12.2009) Poetry - 3: 24. T H E L I F E O F M A N (5.2.2010) 25. LIFE OF THE WORLD (10.3.2010) 26. NEW POEMS (11.8.2010) 27. RANDOM POEMS (26.10.2010) 28. MODERN POEMS (28.12.2010) 29. W O R L D P E A C E (25.1.2011) Poetry - 4: 30. POEMS IN VARIETY (3.2.2011) 31. WORLD LOVE LIFE (13.3.2011) 32. WORLD OF NATURE (17.4.2011) 33. DREAMS, ROMANCE AND REALITIES (31.7.2011) 34. ROMANCE, FANTASY AND REALITY (13.9.2011) 35. NATURE, LOVE AND LIFE (4.10.2011) Poetry - 5: 36. DREAMS AND LOVE UNIQUE! (10.11.2011) 37. BLOSSOMING FLOWERS UNIQUE (5.1.2012) 38. Crops of Ideas (12.2.2012) 39. WORLD OF POETRY (POEMS IN VARIETY) (21.3.2012) 40. Romantic Poems (7.5.2012) 41. LOVE, LIFE, NATURE POEMS (14.7.2012) Poetry - 6: 42. ROMANCE AND REALITY OF LIFE (18.8.2012) 43. Nature, Friendship and Changes (16.9.2012) 44. POETIC CELEBRATION (1.11.2012) 45. STORMS, FESTIVALS AND ROMANCE (9.12.2012) 46. Cherished Dreams, Art and Love (16.1.2013) 47. LOVE FOREVER (3.3.2013) Poetry - 7: 48. ARTS, POETS AND POETRY (14.4.2013) 49. POETRY, LIFE AND ADVENTURE (1.6.2013) 50. CHANGE FOR THE BETTER (9.7.2013) 51. ROMANTIC ADVENTURE AND WORLD LIFE (4.8.2013) 52. FRIENDSHIP, POETRY AND DREAMS COME TRUE (18.9.2013) 53. ART, NATURE AND CULTURE (13.10.2013) Poetry - 8: 54. KEEP OPTIONS OPEN FOR ONE WORLD (17.11.2013) 55. TRAVEL WITH A SIGH OF RELIEF (27.12.2013) 56. Open A New Diary (29.1.2014) Vol.1 57. Open A New Diary (25.2.2014) Vol.2 58. Open A New Diary (11.4.2014) Vol.3 59. Open A New Diary (4.6.2014) Vol.4 Poetry - 9: 60. Open A New Diary (1.8.2014) Vol.5 61. Open A New Diary (5.9.2014) Vol.6 62. Open A New Diary (10.10.2014) Vol.7 63. Open A New Diary (3.11.2014) Vol.8 64. Open A New Diary (11.12.2014) Vol.9 65. Open A New Diary (14.1.2015) Vol.10 Poetry - 10: 66. Love of Nature (12.2.2015) 67. High Value of Love (30.3.2015) 68. Shaping Things Out of Chaos (19.5.2015) 69. Love in Nature or Dreams (25.6.2015) 70. Play of Fate (26.7.2015) 71. Grey Blanket (19.8.2015) Poetry - 11: 72. Good and Bad Life (9.9.2015) 73. In Pursuit of Spiritualism (10.10.2015) 74. Day and Night Life (10.11.2015) 75. Fury of Nature and Man's Life (17.12.2015) 76. See Things as They Really Are! (16.1.2016) 77. The World We Live In (15.2.2016) Poetry - 12: 78. Our World of Nature (24.3.2016) 79. Old and New (18.4.2016) 80. A Place of One's Own (11.5.2016) 81. A Cynosure of Heaven (16.6.2016) 82. 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Dreams, Ideas and Deeds (6.3.2022) Poetry - 24 151. Culture of Life (4.4.2022) 152. Something Kindling Me to Do Something (15.5.2022) 153. A Blessing in Disguise(27.6,2022) 154. To My Kindred Spirits (1.9.20220) 155. New Micro Poetry (-.9.2022) Poetry - 25 156. Exploration to Discover New Ideas 157. Go On One Good Path 158. Reality and Illusion 159. Born to Achieve 160. Miracle Happens Poetry - 26 161. Human Existence 162. Life Experience 163. Nature is the Redemption)

The Best Poem Of Ramesh T A

Songs Of The Singing Bird!

The unknown singing bird sang
Several songs for some years;
The songs of the singing bird
Soon created news and history!
All the life songs of the bird about
Nature and culture are literature now!

Knowledge and experience give wisdom
That gives a system of life to live;
This is called human culture.
For all, the beginning and the end
Are in Nature only and so it is
The friend, philosopher and guide
Not only to poets, scientists and artists
But also to the whole of mankind.

From first melody to last funeral song
All songs say only about human love!
In reality the more we love the dear one
The more the dear one goes far away!
The tragedy of loved one lives in mind
Ever plunging everyone in endless tears!

Love is the source of all creations in evolution
From blue green algae to man in the world!
Without love nothing can be created and
Great things worthwhile are achieved by men!
One such great thing is poetry of great poets
Absorbing heart, mind and soul of man ever!

What is poetry? Poetry is the magical expression,
Words of poet's heart echoing in the minds of men!
Building castle in the air and capturing in camera
Poetry does to produce the album of poetry book!
Collecting honey from flowers to build beehive
Poet bee weaves ideas together to compose poetry!

Arranging beautiful ideas focused on a subject
A great work of art poet creates in poetry with
Sound, sense, substance and seriousness in words!
Beautiful, sweet and light music of poetry absorbs
Heart, mind and soul to entertain and instruct with
Inspiring ideas to live a happy and prosperous life
With confidence, courage and endurance in the world!

Expressing experience of life in meaningful verse
Poet finds favour with everyone everywhere here!
Compressing many ideas in a nutshell, poet makes it
Possible to reveal Universal truths from trivialities;
Such a magical art in any other form of literature
It is not worth trying other than in poetry alone!

The all absorbing power of poetry is an invaluable art
That has royal reception everywhere in world literature.
Sweet songs of Nightingale, beautiful dance of peacock
And so on will be immortal and unforgettable in poetry!
So, the songs of the singing bird, whom we call a poet,
Will echo eternally in the hearts of men and world of art!

Ramesh T A Comments

Ramesh T A 09 August 2017

Roula Pollard: You communicate very interesting ideas in your poem and its style is original and impressive!

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Ramesh T A 11 November 2017

Comment on All Work Spoiling Corruption by Roxanne Lea Bubarry: Your poetry is awesome and you are a great poet and wonderful human being!

5 3 Reply
Ramesh T A 14 September 2017

Comment on Second Season by Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr: Any penning is a good penning from the tip of your golden pen...

4 3 Reply
Ramesh T A 10 August 2017

A POEM DEDICATED TO RAMESH - Anti-Sonnet by Marieta Maglas - Comment by Romeo Della Valle: A well deserved dedication to a great poet of our time; I simply wish I could one day inspire you like he did!

5 2 Reply
Ramesh T A 08 December 2017

Jette Blackstone on 6th Dec,2017: I couldn't agree more Ramesh. Here in the U.S. the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to Richard Thaler, whose work pays more attention to and account for human behavior and social costs. You've taken this idea one step further. Congrats on poem of the day.

4 3 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 14 February 2022

Veteran poet poet Ramesh T A is knowledgeable person, a man of ethics, integrity and character. He is an invaluable asset to this august sphere! I like his poems which are always loaded with knowledge and wisdom. May God increase your tribe!

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this is a great poem indeed...best wishes dear poet

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 November 2020

This is the time to greet great poet Ramesh T A, who has achieved the rank #185 on top 500 poets of the world on date 01 November 2020. This is the matter of happiness. We greet him and congratulate him. May God bring happiness!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 16 October 2020

We greet and congratulate great poet Ramesh T A Sir for achieving the world rank #227 on top 500 poets of the world on date 15 October 2020 and rank # 255 on date 16 October 2020 as per the World Poetry Database information published in Poem Hunter. May God bring grand success and fortune for him always! We are wishing him all the best!

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Ramesh T A 08 October 2020

Comment on Human Dharma only can Keep Human Existence go on Well Ever: Fabulous poem, I agree with lovely Heike, there is a lot of power in these words " Keeps human existence go on friendship, love, joy and peace! " the overall is a great message to us all. Especially in these times where many feel lost and look to good direction and leadership, thanks for highlighting in such a good poem! - Fledgling Carla

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Ramesh T A Popularity

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