Over There Poem by Stephen 'Walrus' Charlton

Over There

Over in Afghan or down in Iraq
The Soldiers stand ready with orders to attack

They follow their orders, they fight with all heart
A long time from their families they are apart

A lot of them have seen their best friends die
Started by a war, that was started on a lie

We fight by policy and orders pre-set
Rules of engagement and sanctions cannot be bent

Bodies are scattered as far as you can see
With soldiers that died to protect you and me

Yet the people at home sit and watch CNN
Stating this is only for oil and this should immediately end

I do not care how this war have began
Was it oil or WMD or just because they can

The fact still remains that our soldiers are over there
Fighting for us with all they got, because those soldiers still care

So instead of picketing to have this war stopped
Writing letters to government, and protests a lot

We should stand behind, all of our guys
Dressed in green as almost 3000 have died

Support all the troops and encourage them on
By prayers, letters, and even by song

We are proud of you guys for all that you give
Knowing you may die to make sure that we live

Whether it’s down in Iraq to make a stand
Or over in Afgan looking for the Taliban

It does not matter if its England, Canada, or the U.S.
Let our troops know they are the best

I hope you know how thankful we are,
that you fight for us near and fight for us a far

So people of the world lets stand and unite
And back our troops with all of our might

I cannot support them with money or more
As I work for low wages and I am quite poor

The only thing I can offer is the offer of me
So I stared the process to join your team

So 6 months from now you may shead a tear
When I say go home buddy, I got it from here

So to support the military, by career with them has just begun
To support the Military, What have you done?

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Stephen 'Walrus' Charlton

Woodstock Ontario Canada
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