Owl Light Poem by William F Dougherty

Owl Light

The mole catacombed under dripping roots,
gnawing grubs like clustered shrimp, pulpy white
dangling in gloom. In the oak, patient hoots

practiced the dark; tiny hands tunneled and scooped
processions of mounds: a breach of lunar light
the owl distinguished from his drift and swooped,

spread grasping hooks, honed keen as his sight,
and yanked the mole's squeal from under a dune,
ascending with his prey in silhouetted flight

up the talcum motes of a taloned moon.

William F Dougherty 12 April 2012

Owl Light is the title poem of an early selection published by Wings Press.

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William F Dougherty 06 April 2012

[Attn: J.Hogg / 'Broken Moon' is honey and wax (delight and wisdom) . I have a hunch your prevarication is sanctioned in 'Arcadia' and Avon, where 'best poetry is most feigning.' #

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Not a member No 3 05 August 2008

WfD, Hi, At least your Owl is still on an even keel and keeping to the course set for it by its nature! This is tightly focussed and vibrantly alive, and I find myself with a surprising amount of sympathy for the murderous owl. You've somehow kept the balance of nature intact. There is much in this that made this reader linger, but the last four lines energetically demand involvement.... and the final line is so good, so musical that I'm sitting here smiling in admiration... sound intuition too, dammit! Regards, jim

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