William F Dougherty

Freshman - 542 Points (West Hartford, CT)

William F Dougherty Poems

1. Triolet For Miz Muse 4/4/2012
2. La Belle Dame Whetted 6/1/2012
3. Living Wills 6/1/2012
4. Percy Shelley And Mary (17) Elope: Father Hires A Hack To Slander Them 6/6/2012
5. Bamboozled 6/6/2012
6. Inked On Pillowcase 3/4/2013
7. Click Of Marbled Orbs 6/2/2015
8. Choric Counsel 2/26/2016
9. Bereft Elm In Unstately Mood 3/25/2016
10. Quietus Of White On White 6/17/2016
11. Mistress Molly 3/4/2013
12. This Land He Owns 9/14/2012
13. Sparrowfall 9/4/2012
14. A Provisional 8/8/2012
15. The Crab Sonnets Iii 8/11/2012
16. Don Fragyle Enters The Lists 8/25/2012
17. Reflex 5/19/2012
18. Her Lithic Look 2/11/2011
19. Crystal Cadenza Rev. 6/6/2012
20. Sartorial Style 4/7/2012
21. Rural Delivery: Calendar Of Correlatives 7/23/2012
22. September 11,2001 9/6/2012
23. Metamorphosis 7/10/2012
24. Princely Education At Eastcheap 3/4/2013
25. In Procrustes' Digital Province 6/19/2016
26. Nostalgia In Copper And Blue 9/18/2017
27. Morning In Carbonated Light 4/8/2012
28. First Footprint 4/7/2012
29. Flat Fishing 2/11/2011
30. Paper Cache 4/4/2012
31. Night Crows 4/4/2012
32. Asterisk For Audubon Rev 7/19/2012
33. Rhyme In Defense Of A Friend's Sonnet 6/24/2009
34. Mrs. Hawkheart 12/26/2010
35. Dark Of The Wheel 4/4/2012
36. Theatrics 4/18/2012
37. Sketch For Sanctuary In Elizabeth Park 5/14/2012
38. Three More Haiku 4/1/2012
39. Paleolithic 4/4/2012
40. Steel With Stigmas 2/11/2011

Comments about William F Dougherty

  • Diane Hine Diane Hine (3/15/2015 3:45:00 AM)

    Clear a space in the poetry showcase, these blue-chip collectibles belong on the top shelf.

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  • Jim Hogg (12/1/2012 6:11:00 AM)

    For depth and density of analysis, breadth of learning, mastery of detail. connection and concept, his criticism compares with the very best. A mind to admire, work to learn from and his commitment to his art leaves me in awe.

    7 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Scotty Dogg Scotty Dogg (10/8/2012 7:56:00 PM)

    William, you still on the site? Just wondering. S

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  • Robert Dyer (4/28/2012 2:11:00 AM)

    Anyone who dares to challenge the two poems who, to my mind, soar over English poetry, Epithalamion and Notes towards a supreme fiction, has my instantaneous respect. I will read more.

    10 person liked.
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  • Mark Pollins Mark Pollins (4/27/2012 11:24:00 PM)

    it's great to come upon a true poet on the PoemHunter circuit

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  • Jim Hogg (4/26/2012 8:59:00 AM)

    A virtuoso at work. Long may he continue to produce such authentic poetry.

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  • Francis X. Burns (4/20/2012 9:20:00 PM)

    Work here reads like a study in poetic forms: open lyrics, sonnets, villanelles, triolets, couplets, tercets, epigrams,
    haiku, clerihews, even a sestina. Professional at work.

    10 person liked.
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Best Poem of William F Dougherty

Wallace Stevens: The Click Of Marbled Orbs

(Sonnet as Keynote to WS)

The stout man puffs on his Havana cigar
And picks canary chords on his blue guitar,
Fashions flawed words and spindrift sounds
Into day-glow verbs and glass-blown nouns.
How much the notion of a supreme fiction
Derives from bric-a-brac and spiffy diction
None knows. Say his thickest absolutes
Derive from blue rotundities of fruits:
His crispest jugglery performs the feat
Of hardening stealthy points into concrete
Trombones, sausage-makers, cattle skulls,
And pettifogging buds. His monocle's
Univocal, a prop ...

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Owl Light

The mole catacombed under dripping roots,
gnawing grubs like clustered shrimp, pulpy white
dangling in gloom. In the oak, patient hoots

practiced the dark; tiny hands tunneled and scooped
processions of mounds: a breach of lunar light
the owl distinguished from his drift and swooped,

spread grasping hooks, honed keen as his sight,

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