Pacific Emotion Poem by Wasan H Ibrahim

Pacific Emotion

Once intact,
Now Ragged and torn
Emotion hardly tries to hold
Day and night;
Yesterday, now, and tomorrow in spite
Of the destinations,
By the whirlwind, being scattered
The wreckage increases
The shiny sails fly away
Taking my dreams…
That I saved from the day I was born
Things that once mattered
Now forlorn…
I stand dim in the distance
Chiseling on the walls of that life
My face
Hanging mirrors
To reflect a trace
In drastic need to listen quietly
To the hushed voice
To the noisy silence
Of a disturbed mind.
There is no silent place!

'Never mind, I am here…'
said Everyone.
But where are they?
Where is me?
Where are my yesterdays?
Where is my face?
Where are all the faces?
I recognize nothing…
No one…
All have changed or gone.

Spreading the table with reminiscence's antiques,
I wait, daring to hope they might speak,
But a forestalling overthrow was what I seek
They were mere iceberg moments
Which hours melt,
Which hard[ships] dry.
We lost the touch,
The warm and sweet hive,
We lost the softer light,
The striving roar,
The passionate embrace,
To restore
We lost the differences,
Wrong or right.

Inside, still young,
We cherish and care;
outside we grow,
Aged and wear...
Struggling the tunnels
Of the misty ebb and the massive flow,
To reach the harbor of the endless oceans…
The foggy mazes…
Wreckages increase…
The wind creaks,
Ambitions have been eroded,
Emotions are pacified,
As if the hasty world has been appeased;
Yet still, no silence...
When would this breath mercifully cease?

Thursday, June 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: feelings
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