Paddington Feeling Saddened Poem by Yvonne Livingstone Kania

Paddington Feeling Saddened

Paddington sat down feeling saddened On the green very quiet open glade.
And he pulled out a sandwich from his hat
Made with the finest marmalade.

He had heard the sad news
That the Queen's life had come to an end.
He cried the day they met
She had become his bestest friend.

They had shared afternoon tea
That very day when at the Palace he had been invited.
He remembered he could hardly speak
After being so very excited.

He offered her his sandwich
Made with genuine love and care.
She smiled at him with such a grin
And showed the little bear.

That inside of her handbag
There was something she had made.
And that She too kept a sandwich
Made of Finest marmalade.

Although he was a little bear
And she being a majestic queen.
Watching her take the sandwich out of her handbag
Was the best thing he had ever seen.

He wondered how many others would miss her
Now that she has gone.
His heart was filled to the brim
When he switched his little phone on.

He saw that Facebook had flooded
With her pictures old and new.
And that he himself that little bear
Was also in them too.

Although he is the saddest
That he has ever been.
He will always forever remember
The day he had tea with the Queen.

Yvonne Livingstone Kania

Yvonne Livingstone Kania

Mansfield, nottinghamshire
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