B. Sven Telander

Page - Poem by B. Sven Telander

Clasping the bullet, tenderizing a horizontal quadrant
from rhythms of the gypsy addicts while trips
if whimsy held fortitude of quietude for swordward
truth of future torn from form of worms and hymns
and drips of mystery’s misery glow,
wish adrift on luna’s seize,
don’t take that low road,
don’t hear old throughout control,
burnt wonder turns a modern corner
operator of insidious equipment trammeling
through a garden of visions;
whistling whiskey vultures,
praying mantis of pain and madness,
ashes in the winds of pasts carving carnival caverns,
another parsifal and fool oblivion driven and twice as blind as ever,
cold operation detonation utility industry travesty,
chimes of rhyme ring loud as now will allow eddies of the stream
to brimble qwiod trindleivered ryd linked
garbage scow festerbarge polyps roting scarfeild
or not, borrowing armor of an earlier age to discard the boundaries
encountering a flowering abomination imagination’s contagion
raging night parade saluting the abandonment of tasks
to the crematorium of indecision with usual precision,
but old news that doesn’t get read or register with fresh glance
obliterates the insight ad infinitum, but chuckle
at the weakness in which one is dressed in predictable uniform,
a comfortable cell following coin down well,
rubber imagery overexposed too long at that F stop,
shuddering at the speed of night,
following the trail of spit into a mask of shadows,
sensorhead freak train lavender vanilla strawberry
oriental spice pumpkin pie black licorice
far below the city of babies
where the ugly things of life stake the claims away
in other alleys, on pikes near a place of chaos and carnage
the black experiment bore fruit:
distilled depravity at its potent quintessence
minus split tips part traps loop pools spot tops emit time like open poems
closing a plastic sandwhich faltering backstep disgorging and enscorling
gelid recursive viridian quiescence,
becalmed turmoil through klippothic prodromic
sward of salvific aquarelles indicative of fricative addiction
to constant petulant hesitation;
a persnickety linchpin of a critical pig
when Mr. Pity meets Drunky Boy,
a trinary conversion avuncular conundrum
voyages of the Starship Davenport starring
Billy (hes a movie star) Sausage
telling a children’s story about a ghost wolf
scraping away crust of aged things,
parting evil veils w/o phenobarbital puddin’ with vodka chaser,
rats biting futures corpse racer via digital pigeons,
hellions for minions, binary bytes dominion return from the cyber burn
while the Babylon Chimeras take on the Hebron Hellhawks with home field advantage yet the turds shall be as stones in the zen garden cat box;
guzzling beerward into the dark,
ministers of slaughter in the cutting district teach their kindergarten lesson
insolvency is death,
Sunday Thinker & the Monday Man
met a quail of a sweater girl at the dot hog stand,
glossolalia dalliance between blue beard and black widow,
eclectricity cynics triptych, fantasy assassins passions rash,
invisible midget fidgets with skeptical epileptics widget,
neglecting antiseptic, gargling marble staging a rage erasing a page
turning chancel into cage
no more wattle & daub,
shimmering whispering glittering matrices of luminous mist
or tragedies at factories or nightmares of souls
may taint with questions of pain or ephemeral bloodvenom addiction
or vesper skulls in twilight of poetry phantasmagoric vomitorium
last dumping ground for glistening chrysalis of detritus,
gasoline vulva autogenic spear of car
build shelf for dunghustler and dupe Duke Juke Jupiter,
humble mumbler perimeter grumbling swan fish ponies navigating the confluence,
boat castle conduits rookery lessons, beggaries
alms of plasma leaf thirst nebula snake destiny chartered by power,
Persephone and Anubis exoskeletons
forged five fires of love
bizzarObelisk bristling frisky near multi-breasted sphere and flowers made of skin, graven images in repose a knock-kneed retarded girl on a porchswing made of bone.

Topic(s) of this poem: creativity, society

Form: Free Verse

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 30, 2015

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