Pain And Sleep And Your Best Friend.... - Poem by RIC BASTASA

when you are in pain
you have no choice but to bear it
in silence, because any kind of
will simply aggravate
the wound,

talk is just a coating
perhaps, it will give a temporary relief

for those who hear your pain
they remain disinterested though they show that
empathy on their faces
but sooner shall you realize that it is not their pain
and they do not deserve it

pain shall always be personal
it is just yours, and it awakens you from that deep slumber
of pleasure
and complacency

when you keep on sharing it
they will pretend to continue listening
but if you know what is in their hearts
deep within
it will be shocking

soon they will relay your pain to others
who will be asking who you are
and what bad karma has come to you
what sins have you committed
which to them
have remained

categories, categories,
they have categories, sins and bad karma,
crime and punishment seems to be sisters
living in the same house

'who cares? ' that is the question that hangs in the air
of indifference
'who are you? ' its cousin.

the sooner you know this, the better for you

you take retreat inside your room
put your hands on your forehead
to check if you are still alive

it is just between you and the ceiling now
and that occasional lizard who is more interested on how
to capture its next prey, that mosquito
which if caught, does not matter also to you

when you cannot bear it anymore you resort to
talking to yourself,

it is now between you and yourself
ah, you are finally your best friend now
and you keep on talking
and talking, with matching pauses in

this time the pain subsides a bit
you have invented a new self, who can talk to you and
assuredly, this self knows no betrayal upon itself

betrayal, if you define it, is always the other
the next of kin, a brother, remember Cain?

you sleep now, time comes, gives you the blanket of relief
puts you into another world,

& it is restful.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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