there is something in other
people that we all love


Life defines in Metabolism,
In reproduction,
we make our miniature selves,
our look alike

to the light
we aim ourselves
away from darkness
we swear

because people always forgive them
again and again and again and again and again and again...

a form of autism,

until then
the moon never says
that it understands
the language of the

When the big tree falls
Hit by lightning
Roared by thunder

a woman dreams that she turns
into an orange bird
and on the other hand the orange
bird seeing her so beautiful and complete

Like an uninvited
Wind, building strength
Gathering more winds
To make a storm

at the second look you feel wasted
that beautiful face seemingly should not have been yours
it does not fit
the wrinkled soul


Keep talking ﮮ
while i sing

♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪ ♫

</>HE'D BEEN there
he likes it
he will be coming over
to stay quite longer

it is not only the mind
they promise you if you agree
it is also the heart

to see the world
to hear the sweet sound
of its rain

of love

ok, let us talk about life

my cat Kuting has just given birth
to three kittens


three stars in the heavens

one for you
another for her

The sun is harsh, the winds are cruel
The trees unfeeling, the soil so unsympathetic
The stones lack the courage, the grasses lose the enthusiasm
The clouds spiritless

it is a
1599 word
from the
latin facetiae

The Best Poem Of RIC BASTASA

' The Last Dance Of Your Life '


you don't really have to mind
what power do you have for it

when it comes
it comes
none can prevent it
from sitting beside you

the doctors are honest
and sometimes
too stupid to give you a promise
for another extension of

a hope that poisons the mind instead
and makes
our recent stand rigid and

for those who have seen the light
on one hand
sees death as
a welcome experience
in fact a festivity
another coming experience
another full moon
at the bay

another bus that has arrived in a far away town

another train that honks proudly its arrival
in another station

another flight to a distant sky that dresses the world
and puts it to a very silent sleep

and this time
whether you like it or not
you are set upon this journey
that gives you fear
because there is no ticket
for your coming back

it is the false notion that
you can never come back


you don't have to panic
take this as easy
as unbuttoning a shirt

zippering a pair of pants
and unzipping it when
the evident and the inevitable
when the urge signifies
an unloading

well, it looks like
we simply have to pull a string
let the curtain fall
and just be ready for the next
of the garden blooming
on the month of

just the same
make the best out of it
dance, dance
till you tire

but fall if you must, slip if you can
have no shame
there is still another chance
they call it
a surprise to nowhere


Soran M. H 21 December 2019

you are supper star, well done, that is what we are always expecting from a good poet such as you dear friend...

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Mark Lloyd Bastasa 18 July 2021

Hi everyone. I have bad news. Sadly, my uncle Ric Bastasa passed away this day on July 18,2021. Due to battling with COVID-19 and suffered from lung failure. I'm asking everyone to have sympathies for my good uncle and thank you for reading his poems.

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Naj 11 May 2022

I have recently just found your uncles poet, I am saddened to learn he is already dead.

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Mark Lloyd Bastasa 18 July 2021

Hi everyone. i have bad news. Sadly, my uncle Ric Bastasa passed away today on July 18,2021. Due to battling with COVID-19 virus and suffered from lung failure. I'm asking you everyone to have sympathies for my uncle and thank you for reading to his poems.

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Rosalie 12 April 2021

Ric - May I use your poem Faces and Layers in a virtual art show Im creating for uni - our poem fit the theme of layers so perfectly and will help bring together the various art works. Please? Thanks for your time Rosalie

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 April 2020

RIC BASTASA IS A VERY TALENTED POET Who has written many poems more than 20,000 with values and ethics, love and life, social affairs and nature. Ric's poems are really very amazing and I have read these and reviewed. I have found high values within his writings and I highly appreciate his perseverance. His poems are treasured with time.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 April 2020

I am wishing RIC BASTASA all the best. May God bring unlimited happiness for him. BEST WISHES FROM: : : Poet Kumarmani Mahakul #370 on top 500 poets (As per the World poetry Database Information, on date 20 April 2020) (Today's rank)

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it is not how big is your salary, it is how much that is left at the end of the month that really matters.

you can always tell who the man is with the steps that he left

on top of the mountain the village appears like tiny dots just like the problems that we bear unnecessarily.

i am shallow and it comforts you.

it is not always that the early bird gets the worm. Sometimes, the worm gets the bird on early mornings.

my mom used to say, wake up early so that if it rains money, you will get many of it. And it rained spears and too lucky i did not wake up that early.

all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. On the other hand, one must remember that all sunshine makes a desert too.

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RIC BASTASA Popularity

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