Elizabeth Shield

Pairs Of Four - Poem by Elizabeth Shield

I’m always hurt,
because of you

Your selfish words,
And laughing smile
I know it isn’t
Worth my while
But you keep going
So insincere
And your true feelings
Never made clear

I used to think
That you cared too
But now I’m not
Sure if it’s true
I wonder if
You ever care
Or if you heart
Just isn’t there

Your eyes are always
Black as night
I doubt they ever
See the light
Your smile is always
Left half drawn
A happy face
Just painted on

Sometimes I cry
Because of you
I don’t know why
Just that it’s true
You never care
You never feel
I know you never
Are for real

Just like a dream
Not gone my way
Just like the rain
On Saturday
You seem to never
Go my way
I wish you’d go
I wish you’d stay

I miss you when
You have to go
But when you come
Gah! I don’t know
You aggravate me
With your lies
But when we hug
There is surprise

I think I like you
More than a friend
But this friendship
Seems to never end
I wonder if
You like me too
And maybe what
I am to you

If you care
Why do you lie
So insincere
You make me cry
What about me
Is so different
My body or
Is it my mind?

I doubt its form
I hate my looks
Not pretty like
Those girls in books
My mind is not
As fast as yours
I don’t compare
Of that I’m sure

Why do I think
Of you this way
You didn’t treat
Me well today
I wonder if
We’ll ever change
Or if we’ll simply
Stay the same

I hum a song
And think of you
It leaves my heart
All cold and blue
I hope someday
Your mask is gone
And that I wont
Have to wait long

Tomorrow is
A brand new day
Maybe you’ll have
New things to say
Something that’s kind
Like a real friend
I hope THAT day
Will never end

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 26, 2011

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