Ananta Madhavan

Paragons And Partisans: An Indian Feud - Poem by Ananta Madhavan

Someone who tolerates diversity
In faith, culture, values, custom, ethics too,
May well be proud of being broad-minded,
Even when others, critical or judgmental,
Attack that Paragon of Tolerance.

But when that saintly sinner finds
That those who co-habit the wider school
Cannot stand rebels, opponents and fools
Because their views are different,
Paragons become disruptive of debate,
They join the Party of Intolerance.

If the tolerant few scold and scorn
The partisans of intolerance,
Do they automatically become
Enemies of tolerance,
And get disqualified as Liberals?
Return your honours and awards,
And join the antis. Failing which,
They must tolerate their enemies.

Other eras dawn, flourish awhile and fade out.
But this debate will be fought to extinction
By both sides and also by the neutrals.

- - - - - - -

Topic(s) of this poem: tolerance

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Poem Submitted: Monday, November 2, 2015

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