Christie Maker

Parents - Poem by Christie Maker

They were sent to earth to torture us
To embarass us in front of our friends
They were sent to earth to make rules & regulations
And make them at no end.

They're strict as well
And enjoy making our lives hell
Some kids these days
Are fooled by their loving ways.

They make us go to school
Where there's just as many rules
They're always complaining about money
Like it goes as quick as a jar of honey

They make us wear dumb clothes
And always say 'Just look at the price on those'
They're so old fashioned and not in the trend
Then expect us to be, just like them!

They always make you work and clean
They want everything to shine & gleam
They won't let us go on our own anywhere
And everything we've got we have to share

You say: 'I'm 13 for goodness sake mother,
I was a baby 10 years ago, not anymore! '
And all they reply is:
'Oh yeah, mmhhmm, sure sure sure.'

Now you kids and teens around the world,
Have you figured out who these dreadful people are?
Its really very easy since you're their descendants
Thats right my friends, they're our parents!

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 6, 2008

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