Passionate Poverty Poem by John Sensele

Passionate Poverty

Poverty seems like a repellent stuck on the poor
Whose only fault lies in owning no property or asset to parade
Among wealth admirers and worshippers to whom poverty seems dour
In contexts where ostentatious display of wealth cuts the grade

That profligacy and extravagance attract
Robbing the poor of the dignity glitter
As though on purpose fleas of poverty they contract
Dumping ugliness on the poor on whom fruits of affluence litter

Dwindling humanness and affection which wealth simpleton conflate
Into little human worth and warmth
Where spooks of poverty deflate
In proportion to the increase in affluence sloth

Sown, grown and thrown with utter scorn
To belittle
Abject poverty misguided affluence thinkers warn
Amounting to little less than spittle

Poverty peels off humbug and complacency
Exposing deeper layers of flawed humanity
Denuded of perspicacity and sagacity
Sometimes concealed in the deficit of humility

That often mars circles of affluence
Where possession seems to epitomise human dignity
Mistakenly regarded as diluted influence
The poor exert in extolling human unity shorn of wealth affinity and motility.

Thursday, September 27, 2012
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Brian Taylor 14 May 2019

Great and unbelievable poem on poverty filled with rhythm.

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A good social message in the poem and likes.

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John Sensele

John Sensele

Ndola, Zambia
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