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Dare to smile for a while, care to laugh
Sweep away gloom, keep enough room
Wake up hope, break down sadness enough
When souls cry for a joy broom.

Boys in their fathers' moulds grow
Recycling habits and tidbits seen
Enacted as fathers punches at mothers throw
As fathers' tantrums grow mean.

In your heart, harbor no malice
In your demeanour, catalyse amity
In your attitude, condone justice
To enliven the leaven of your community.

Surrender your burdens
To the feet of providence
When down and out in gardens
Sweeping seas of indigence

Puny pride parades pomposity
Pounding its cherished chest in a quest
To increase celerity and luminosity
Thereby eating its substance and balance into a pesky pest.

Desire to forge ahead
Regardless of challenges that come your way
Devise winning strategies instead of banging your head
Against a wall yesterday or today.

In silence, I monitor an undernourished baby's cry
When a mosquito hovering near my mosquito net
Maneuvers near a cot to bite the baby and to fly a lie
In which the gnat believes when it misses the target.

Mike turns three years in twenty seventeen
A milestone in a young boy
Showing much cognitive promise and much clean
Zest to grow beyond a toy

Sisters and brothers you belong together
Although you pray, mostly you play
To teach, to reach, to fetch one another
Even when your love groove you delay.

Poverty seems like a repellent stuck on the poor
Whose only fault lies in owning no property or asset to parade
Among wealth admirers and worshippers to whom poverty seems dour
In contexts where ostentatious display of wealth cuts the grade

A teacher inducts learners
Into the knowledge, skill, affection hall of fame
Where learners transmute into income earners
Adding belief, value and honour to their name.

Counterproductive to make my world cold
No matter how much I feel bold
Trashing established order
Crushing my peace to sow seeds of disorder

In tough times, don't collapse
Though pain inside tears your fabric
Through every neuron, every synapse
Bear pressure like a balcony brick.

No goodwill goodbye
Grins at hunger and thirst flying nearby
To purloin peals of laughter
Coercing a dainty daughter

Zambians, hold your fire
Much as short fuses catalyse ire
Because if tempers fly higher
Our common good may in the end tire.

Despacito, when you melt in my arms
To suckle my breath, to imbibe my warmth
To savour our favourite tryst farms
Where as lovers we dilate and validate our worth.

Years of sweat
Degrees I earn
Debts aplenty I invest in my quest
No job only tears and sorrows in my urn.

If friends command and demand so little of you
You lunge and plunge into Hades anew
Diminishing and extinguishing the perspective
For which you aspire to inspire and grow less subjective

Handle me with gentleness
Because I'm your better half
Sent from on high
To swallow flak on your behalf

Obsession with higher returns on investment
Crushes man, separating a person from personal data
Collected through stealth, subterfuge hidden in a vestment
Free services claim to account holders flatter.

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Bugs And Hugs

Dare to smile for a while, care to laugh
Sweep away gloom, keep enough room
Wake up hope, break down sadness enough
When souls cry for a joy broom.

Dare to love, care to play
Sweep away darkness, keep enough light
Wake up friendship, break up a delay
When a heart longs for a share of delight.

Dare to encourage, care to pray
Sweep away losses, keep winning
Wake up consciences, break up a despair display
When hatred begins threatening.

Dare to save souls, care to hug
Sweep away exploitation, keep up inspiration
Wake up devotion, break a poison mug
When folks boost molestation and separation.

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Brian Taylor 28 January 2019

You're a very great poet John.You give poetry with light, truth, and meaning.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 December 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet John Sensele born on 12.09.1953 in Ndola, Zambia as, 'Optimistic Victor.' This title is offered to him due to his notable and high standard perseverance and valuable contribution to the world literature. From today onward he will be known as, Optimistic Victor John Sensele. We hope all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 December 2018

John Sensele is a multi-talented and internationally acclaimed nice poet whose poems are deeply philosophical and very pleasing to read as these contain deep values of humanity. He writes poems on life, nature, perception, religion, philosophy and scriptural application. Every poem of his us a gem and he is a evergreen dazzling star in the world literary sky. His effort we feel as very tender and his perseverance is of high standard. We wish him all the best. May God bring fortune for him!

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John Sensele Popularity

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