(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

Past Deeds... - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

There came a time when he was cast
upon an island of aloneness, sorrow,
regret and desolation. How could he
forgive they who sent him there?

As he stood at the waters edge, the
reflection of his past deeds flowed
before him. The blurred visions of
all he had done, appeared in the river
..then blending with the rushing
water, flowed past him...and disappeared.

Like a bolt of lightening to the chest-
he suddenly realized who banished him there!
He knew of the one who cared so little
that this could happen! He knew of the
one who didn't share, who didn't believe,
for he was the one who sent him here!

He saw the reflection in the water,
First disbelief then anger and
finally...despair. The tears burst
from him, their honesty
scalding his cheeks.

The one he saw in the water...the one
who had sent him to this island of torment...
was himself!

So it is written, so is it done,

'That which we sow, is that we shall reap.

© Joe Fazio

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 11, 2010

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