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My Petty Greed

People with petty greed ~ how much do they get
Not all people have big-sized greeds
We very ordinary
bunch of people with petty greed

On This Day Of Gudi Padwa

I could not reollect
whether it was Gudi Padwa,
the very auspicious day
when Lord Rama of Ramayanas

Rice Boiler

We sit around the simmering rice boiler
Mother's worn out face knows no smile
My little brother falls asleep
mark of dried-up tears down his eyes

Hello Men

Like the fireworks, you wished some sulphurous
explosions in your life
So this solitary sadness, this guilt, this formless pain


Someone waits with blooming soul
Some beautiful girl
Wet hairs, leaf-green saree, a tiny black spot on lip
Some graceful girl waits to tender love

Sukumar Choudhuri Comments

Goutam Hazra 04 December 2004

Dear Sukumar Every words you have chosen are meaningful and end resulted to create, each one as a fine poetry...look forward to read more from you.

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Robert Rorabeck 21 November 2004

hello- i just want to say what an amazing poet you are- truly fantastic- i say this knowing that you may not appreciate my own work because on the surface it may seem very crass- but i've enjoyed your poems so much i need to let you know and to say thank you

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He enjoys an enviable reputation. Brimming over the geographic confines of Bengal as well as Vidarbha~Maratha, his fame has now permeated throughout the Globe. We, the moulders of words who perpetuate deeper sensitivities through verbal expositions, pause for a moment whenever we find the glimpse of Maratha in the media or anywhere else and recoll ...

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